Victor Kalilec Vpk member name on Audiogon passes

It is with great sadness that I announce the loss of a friend,fellow audiophile,and electrical designer,VICTOR P. KALILEC.
Victor died unexpectedly at his home on Aug 22nd,2007.
Many have known or dealt with Victor on the site thru his member name Vpk.
Victor was a passioned Audiophile,and electrical designer.He was on a continued quest to broaden membership with-in the audiophile community,and raise the bar on the current state of in -home music reproduction.
He built state of the art Audio Components.
I am honored and humbled to have shared life experences with him. I will miss his warm friendship and devotion to audio..
My condolences to you and to his family.
I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. Regards, Will
Sorry to read this, I didn't know him, but I do know the pain.

Met Victor via a transaction...spoke with him several times by phone...very warm and sincere person...although I did not know him well personally, easy to tell he was a good man.
I did not know Victor, but when people pass they leave a huge void the hearts of those who loved them.

My condolences to those who grieve this loss.
Very kind words you offered him, Samg. I'm sorry to hear of his passing. I hope he and his loved ones find peace.
Thank-you so all of you for your kind thoughts in remembrance of Victor.

He will live on in spirit..