Victical bi-amp or mono block?

2 vintage MC 275's run as mono blocks or vertical bi-amps? Tubes are matched and same on each unit; vintage Genalex tubes. Pre amp is vintage C22.
Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't those Mac's "monostrapped" or paralleled, instead of bridged. If so, they double current and are better into tougher loads.
Yes I believe you are correct the L and R channels are mono strapped at the amp. I was thinking the same in regards to more power if in Mono block mode but many tell me I will get better sound with Vertical Bi Amping; I may have to just try both. Thanks for the post.
My mistake in the original subject; I am speaking about Horizontal bi amp configuration vs. Mono Block.
I would think it will be less complicated using them as monoblocks which would be my preference.
I agree. Monoblocks would be much simpler but I hear from many (in person not on this web site) to set up a horizontal bi-amp with an active crossover for max sound quality. I may just have to set up both to experience the difference myself.

thanks for the post.