vibration system control

i have a garrard 401 turntable with extra heavy granite plinth, the total weight aprox: 85 lbs, what is the better
control system of vibration for my system?
your recomendation please
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a Gingko platform is pretty much full proof, and give stellar results!!
sorry I meant "fool-proof"!!

SYMPOSIUM the best by far for turntables!!
Another option would be Silent Running Audio. They would have to make the base specifically for your turntable. I can't say it is the best as I have never tested every option but I am very happy with mine for my Nottingham.
The problem IMO is a completely solid support. Say you have the base solid on a solid stand. Any vibration just goes around and around. Nothing is dampening it.
I prefer a balace of mass AND dampening. Then the vibrations can't keep moving around. The dampening agent cuts them out of the system.
I also prefer haeavy mass for TT applications, but add in the mix some dampening product between the TT plus mass, and the Stand.
I use #10 Rubber bottle stoppers. They are just right for the task. My Kuzma Sugi S is on a 'teak' type wood 17" by 17" one inch thick, and that is on the 4X bottle stoppers on large 4X patio bricks on the stand. Th 17" by 17" has extra mass on the corners. All in all very stable, and solid, it does NOT ring, or allow vibrations to pass through.
Perhaps even just a very thin dampening material (sorbothane sheet) between the granite and the 401 would be an improvement?
(I am assuming you have SOME sort of issue now, Or you would just be a happy clam with the setup.)
Sand isolation box atop halved racquet balls. Google it. There is nothing better.
If you want the best then you sould search in a device which couples any vibration to your floor in an efficient velocity. This is extremely difficult to be done and requires many years of experiments, A/B listening tests and measurements.Theoretically, any audiophile gear should operate in a vibration-free environment regardless their origin (endogenous or exogenous). In my point of view, the only way to provide a vibration free environment is by preventing of the spread of floor vibration to the equipment with simultaneous and immediate coupling of the internal and air vibrations to the floor. I underline the word coupling because this is the most crucial point in which one product excels over the others. Everything else is variations on a theme of damping, making vibrations (=kinetic energy) recycle in the shelve mass since the conversion of it to thermal energyis completely inadequate. So, in my opinion, every damping effort is almost fault and wasted from the begining.
Sand is good for the beach!