Vibration platform for Basis Turntable ?


Is there any experience from Basis Turntable owners who use a vibration platform below their turntable ?
What kind ?
What Basis Turntable working ?

( I own a Basis Debut V with vacuum and I am interested to check that out ).

Anyone using a Vibraplane ?
Results ?

Or I saw an ad from :

Tri-Orb Lite (reference-grade) Turntable Installations

Someone using these ?

Thanks for your your help.
Take a look at and send Geoff Kait an email with the model of your table as think that the Nimbus is probably the best thing to use as long as the table doesn't weigh more than 35-40 pounds.......You might want to look into the Promethian base that M-D sells as well as recall you had kids and the Nimbus is not cat or childproof.........
I had a Basis Ovation on the Vibraplane and everthing that you may have heard about the Vibraplane is true. I tried the Basis with cones, blue tack, vibrapods, etc with the Vibraplane, its best left with stock 'feet'. I now have the Vibraplane supporting the Yorke turntable, with no suspension, its the only way to go! BTW, the manual Vibraplane holds air just fine, no need to the self levelizing unit (in my opinion)
My experiments with the Basis Mk5 with Graham Ceramic +Tungsten arm, (when I owned it), was that any device (re:) Black Diamond Racing shelf, Purist Audio Platform, four inch Granite, solid Maple butcher block shelf, etc. all were detrimental to the sound.

The Plexiglas making up the lower platform of the Basis seemed to reflect or react with the device directly beneath it, regardless of size or materials it was constructed from.

Best results were finally had by using the stock Basis feet sitting on a four inch diameter, four post stand with open architecture. Constructed from aluminum and filled with silica.

Best results are obtained when the stand and turntable are kept fairly close to the floor. The taller the stand, the less effective, especially on pier and beam foundations.
I use a Zoethecus rack with the Z-slab for my Basis 2500 and am very happy with the results. a big improvement came when i built concrete slabs and posts in my crawl space to reduce foot-falls and feedback from my suspended wood floor.

A.J.Conti of Basis states that he has yet to find a rack that has any positive affect on his fluid-suspension turntables. I wouldn't go that far but i do think they are better on a solid rack than some isolation device.

I also wonder if i can improve the performance with some sort of isolation device but the Basis is designed to work on a solid rack so i will stick with what i have.
I do not have a Basis table but use the vibraplane under my VPI and was the equivalent of a major component upgrade. I do not see how you could go wrong with it.
We are using a Vibraplane 2212 Active platform and to tell you what I feel is the truth, it is a marginal improvement if at all given the superb Basis suspension.