Vibration Isolation for Rega P3

I just bought a Rega P3. It’s sitting on a ¼ inch glass shelf on top of a three legged equipment stand (steel/glass_shelves.) The stand is heavily loaded with my HT components. The floor is wood and I live in a wood framed house. I do not have a problem with feed back from walking around but I am sure vibrations are getting to the TT.

Replacing the equipment stand is NOT an option (WAF)!

Which of the following is the best thing to do.

1: Nothing
2: Custom maple shelf on cones.
3: Thick Acrylic shelf on cones.
4: Boston Audio vibration absorbers under Rega
5: Ginako Cloud 10.
Have you considered the Sistrum platforms? I just added this to my amps and I am very impressed with what I heard.
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You could use Vibrapods.A Standard,2,5 under each foot of the Rega.Heaviest 5 at the back to the Standard where weight of the table is least.Acrylic platforms are O.K.
I use a Bright Star audio base which contains sand. Works very well. For a footfall problem (back when it was on a stand on a suspended wood floor) I also used the Br. St. base which contains an air bladder, which eliminated that problem. These products were inexpenisve.
The best solution is a Neuance platform. It is a light mass platform and perfect for the Rega light mass design. I wouldn't put anything compliant under the stock Rega feet.
I've tried sandboxes, damping boards, Vibrapods, and endless other tweaks and the Neuance platform worked best of all. YMMV of course.
I removed the rega stock feet, substituted them with Mapleshade surefoot on vibrapods(different ones to level the turntable). These sit on a 2" thick maple butcher block on Mapleshade isoblocks. Butcher block sits on granite slab on old CWD stereo rack.

Seems to work pretty good for me. I have wood floors with a minimal foot fall issue.
I like upstateaudio's example but would try the cones directly into the maple with the vibropods or sorbothane under the granite.
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