vibration counter weight

I'm using Bright Star Big Rock/Air Mass under my CD player, the trouble is that the transformer is located on the left side of the CD so that when the Bright Star combo is inflated it sits on a ptich to the left side with the right side being higher. I am thinking of counter weighting with a 2.5-3 pound weight (I have already confirmed that this will level the pitch). What I have thought of is getting a peice of metal cut to place on top of the CD of either Stainless or Aluminum (in the proper weight and put silicon feet under it) ideally I'd like to have Lead (don't know if I can get that) but I want to select a metal that won't attract EMI/RF plus I have to paint it and want to keep it as unobtrousive as I can, so I don't want to have it be to thick and tower above the unit. Am I thinking correctly or is there an alternate idea someone can suggest for me to level this for me?
What about a piece of black granite? I use it on top of my Sony DVP999ES sacd player in my secondary system and it smoothed out the sound considerably.
An alternative might be the solid brass damping weights made by Eden Sound. You could also try making something similar to the old VPI Bricks. I believe the ones they produced would be too heavy for your needs, but it seems like you are DIY inclined so making your own is a possibility.
I also endorse EdenSound as an excellent source of custom brass at a very reasonable price. Give hime a call with the specs.
BTW Yes you can still buy lead but don't let your kids chew it. Look up lead metal sheet and you find it comes in many forms. It may be too dense to be practical for your application.
Go to a dive shop & see if you can still find lead diving weights (cheap), wrap with vinyl tape and glue felt on the bottom. You can move around to find the balance point.
Clio09 & Mechans, I contacted Dan @ Eden Sound and he has already reponded and you've got me pointed in the right direction for a possibile estetic fix for what I've been looking to acheive & importantly for a cost effective price. I have to contact him again 'tword the end of the week but I'll let you know how I make out. THank you!
Received and now have in place a Fat Boy from Eden Sound, I did A/B listening to very farmiliar music last night and even "cold" start up there is a nice difference with the Fat Boy in place now. NO, it's not at all earth shattering but, what it has done is to take some of the edge off and improve the inner focus better to my music listening. For me (IMHO) I am benefiting form the extra damping from vibrations I hadn't realized are present dispite the vibration control I already have in place. I like that the change didn't cost much at all either and dealing with Dan # Eden Sound was a real pleasure. I still might go for another Fat Boy 'cause the transformer in the ARC is so heavy that I could still maybe use another but I wait to see a bit longer first. Thanks Clio09 & Mechans for pointing me to Dan @ Eden Sound!