vibration controll

I am wondering what some are using under sim gear(i5.3 amp)for vibration controll.I have a solid steel 5.3 series rack which seems adequate...but have units placed on shelves with points and nothing else.getting alot of vibration on amp mainly.Rack is sand filled,speakers are adagios and i wonder if would benefit have outriggers,thus lowering vibration.
Hi there. I don't know about what you are asking, but in case you don't get replies try posting this under the "Tech" forum as it is where these issues usually are posted.

My power amp is on the last shelf of my rack and is seated on a 2 inch thick maple platform.
your steel rack is the problem. Steel holds in much to much energy and it runs right up into your table if your using a turntable. I would worry more about the table then the amp. Do away with the steel and place your gear on ikea lack tables their only 8bucks a piece and work from there.
My speakers are on tv tray tops.They were just taking up space.I had a nice 5/8 hose.I cut pieces and all the gear has them under.Concrete cinder block? 2 amps & deck setting on a unused cutting board,setting on top of a cinder block. It is about the sound right?