Vibration control devices for EMM CDSA.

Are there good platforms, feet, or strange objects that go on top of the machine that are helpful?

I would be interested in something that is stable, as some of these things that consist of 3 pointy feet or spheres look kind of wobbly to me.

Totem Beaks have been mentioned, but I wondered what others have used. Oddly I notice when I lean on the player, it sounds a little better, with less ringing in the midrange on some CDs.

And I guess those who have found good devices with other players/transports are also welcome to make suggestions.

Thanks in advance.
Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) Damping Plates work well with parasitic vibration control.
Solid Tech Feet Of Silence make a big difference, with no negatives. I also use a maple platform from Mapleshade below the Feet of Silence.

Damping always sounds bad to me.
Synergistic Research Mig's.
Consider the Spike Sound Will Isolation Feet magnetic levitators.
The Marigo Audio TRi Mystery feet are the best I've used. You can audition a set for 30 days with a money back guarantee. Check out the reviews.
Heavy brass footers like the "fat bastards" that were made by Edensound an Agoner. I don't know if he still makes them. If you use the heavy footers on a platform that itself rests on viscoelastic foam or has dynamat affixed to it the dampening improves.
In addition you can use any heavy solid weight on top with similar effect. Mapleshade and Walker Audio makes Valid points and various brass pucks and such for the purpose.
I find that dampening actually has a very favorable effect on my gear. I have heard overdamped speakers however so I do know it can kill the sound if overdone.
With the various solutions available and the DIY aspect of it you can apply as much or as little as you need.
Time to try 'moon gel'. Available in most musical instrument stores. They are used by drummers to deaden transmission. At six dollar for four pads, you can't go wrong, especially since they are returnable.
That moon gel pad looks like a softer version of the Sorbothane footers by Herbies. The Older Sorbothane footers can support a piece of equipment. These moon gels can only be applied to the surface. As you say they look like a useful accessory especially for a real world price but I think you will need additional materials.
I have a silk cushion under mine. It works nicely. I will be getting SR MiGs soon that will replace the cushion and I'll let you know how they work out. I am also using 4 Totem beaks on top -- one near each corner -- with very good results.
Thanks everyone and Sabai once again.
Each and every vibration control device produce different sound signature. I like the most Yeil magnetic levitation devices amobf inexpensive devices and if you can afford Still Points component's stand its even it should. My front end is APL HiFi NWO-S1 Player
Agree with Dob.

Each of these footers/tables have a different presentation. Then placement of the devices on top can differ in sound if moved around.

Hence I found the Silent Running Audio shelves the most effective. No need for other tweaks after you place the unit on its own feet.

The SRA's have different levels and I found their Ohio Class Plus Square on my EMM gear so effective that it ended my search for anything more (except probably Halcyonics-where we are talking a different dollar value)

Hope that helps.