Vibrating speaker cables

By coincidence I happened onto a major factor in improving bass performance and speaker transparency: vibrations in the speaker cable generated by the speaker itself! I run Duevel Bella Lunas supported by Symposium Svelteshelfs in turn supported by Final Darumas on carpet flooring over wooden floors, into Bybee Golden Goddess Speaker Bullets into Auditorium23 cables. Having by accident noted speaker generated vibrations in the cable, I used Black Ravioli Pads to dampen the cables as near as possible to the speakers’ binding posts and: Kazooks! major tightening in bass performance and depth as well as overall transparency. While this all sounds a bit outlandish, I suggest trying it: the results in my case were nothing short of spectacular.
Wow that is stupid.
Don't forget to wear your copper infused fabric hat while listening....

Vibrating cables.....Way too esoteric for me....

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Bravo, Millercarbon 
Your posts and interpretations are very well thought out. I certainly learn something every time I visit this forum, thanks to you in large part. 👍🏼😎🎧

@roadwhorerecords... my wife likes vibrating electricity?
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