vibrapods -- which component?

which component makes the most difference with vibrapods? I don't have a cd transport, but instead just apple tv feeding optically to Arcam Blackbox DAC, to Yamaha RX-A3000 as preamp, to Classe CAV75. which of those should I isolate for the greatest improvement? thanks.
Try Symposium Rollerblock HDSE if you want big improvements.
I suspect the thing with the lowest level signal, I.e., preamp, would be the most sensitive to vibration.
which component in my system would benefit most from such isolation? the DAC?
CD player I'm using same under my Linderman 820c and under its power supply I'm using 3 more.You get quiter background,better stage width and depth.
Every item would benefit from isolation of vibration. I would start with the source equipment first then do the rest as you can afford it. Remember that the weight is very important as to how many pods you will need to use.
I tried them under a number of components, being careful to select those consistent with the weights of the equipment. Checked them a couple months later, to find the donut shaped cushions gone flat(rendering them useless). Wrote two(very civil) e-mails to the Vibrapod, "customer service" addy, asking if this was somehow normal, never to receive a reply.
I have them under my bookshelf speakers. Wonderful result. Allows most all the energy (and microdynamics) to enter the listening space. I found them much superior to blue tac, and the many other interfaces (coupling and decoupling) that I tried. I like decoupling myself.
I just bought a set of four Vibrapods for my VPI turntable and it seems to work great.
The music room is filled with vibrations; and the only way to stop musical vibrations is to stop the music. But mechanical vibrations are a different story, e.g., footsteps; and the components that benefit from mechanical isolation are turntables and tubes, if microphonic. Of course, you'll hear a difference if speakers are raised relative to ear level; but the effect isn't the result of isolation.
Miketuason.....Those vibrapods make VPI's rubbery sounding. If you really want to improve the sound replace the mini feet with Bearpaws. VPI's need a solid platform, not a squishy one.
"Miketuason.....Those vibrapods make VPI's rubbery sounding."

True! And not only VPI, they change the sound of my Linn.
Theoretically, and in practice, air bladders don't have the best geometry. For the best performance the air spring should have a small cross-section and large volume, I.e., tall column.
In case anyone is wondering....Bearpaws (available on the internet) are very large, very heavy, excellently made brass (I think) cones that screw into VPI's as a direct replacement to those mini feet. The upgraded performance is very easy to hear...not small at all. The entire soundstage, the increased bass and extended treble is there for all to hear.
Stringreen and Lowrider, point taken I will remove the Vibrapods from my VPI. But I forgot to tell you that on my Scout, I have the feet from the HRX. Do I still need to change to bearpaws, if so, where can I buy them? Thanks

Mike don't have to, but Bearpaws really helps. Make sure you have a very sturdy table that the VPI is resting on. I seem to remember
The owner of the company extols the virtue of another of his products called soundstones - or something like that.....I didn't have much success with those.