Vibrapods to Preludes

After spiking speakers seemingly since first supporting stereo stuff self seriously, I've succumbed to a set of Vibrapods under Silverlines. It defies logic and makes me realize that maybe everything I know is wrong but damn, it works swimmingly. Sweeter mids, wider and more stable soundstage, etc. Go figure...who knew? Where am I?
Some use Boston Audio graphit with steel inserts tuneblocks made specifically for spiked speakers with great results. Where are you? You are on a quest to find the thing that works best. You could also experiment with various spikes and footers of different materials, weight, shape; and with three or four footers.
The reason for my thread was to see if anybody else has recently tried this "Vibrapod under the speakers" thing. Well? Has anybody? Somebody at a high end "Salon" mentioned "energy storage" as a possible issue so I've been checking the pods for excess energy from time to time as I thought maybe I could use it to power a lightbulb or my refrigerator.
I have been singing the praises for Vibrapods under my Soliloquy monitors for years. After running through a full range of popular interfaces and speaker stand fills, I hit personal nirvana with the vibrapods. I believe they work their magic because they preserve all the energy and liveliness, but without the blurring of HF's that I had expected.
Vibrapods under my floorstanders was not so good. Even with the stiffer #5 pods, bass attack was slowed and a bit confused. I get the best results under them with cork/rubber isolation pads on bamboo cutting boards.

Everything makes a difference
I suppose my woofers are so small and fast the "pods" haven't confused 'em...besides, the heavy lifting of low notes is done by a REL sub that shall remain podless.