vibrapod residue

Before I try something stupid and marr the finish on what otherwise is a blemish free amp...does anyone know of a good trick to remove those little grease rings left over from vibrapod contact? (I wish I had used wax paper as they suggested to prevent ring. Hindsight...)
Hey Doc-VM&P Naptha from any paint store is gentle enough to clean lacquered antiques. Goo Gone and Goof Off from Depot/Lowe's is worth a try. Try each on a non-visible part first like where the stock feet would cover the case. Then there's Mrs. Gotrocks cat with the really coarse tongue ....
Put some sardine oil on the residue, and .....
Thanks, Kitch. I do have a cat tongue handy....
Dan, No cats at the office???
I simply used something on the order of "Windex", etc... No problems whatsoever. Apply enough liquid to a soft cloth to make it noticeably damp and wipe away the rings. Sean
Sean, How did you get the cat to lick Windex?
"I told her to use Dove, but she just wouldn't listen to me".
Al - I wonder how many 2nd graders are asking their friends that same question right this very moment.
Albert, if you new one of my cats, you would understand.

If it smells ANYTHING like "human food" or something that you put into your mouth, the cat will try to eat it or at least taste it. I simply sprayed a few squirts into my mouth as a "breath freshener" and then she wanted to see what it tasted like on the bottom of the component. Worked like a charm.

Psychology man, gotta use psychology.... Sean
you nay also want to try virgin olive oil, simliar to Goo Gone with the extra added chemicals.
charlie: i was woderin' if you'd ever tried your supply of cat's tongues in place of vibrapods. yeah, i understand it'd be tough to keep 'em in place, lying prone on their bellies, unless your component is heavy enuf. -kelly
Kelly before you get any bright ideas I would avoid using them under spikes. The heightening of the noise floor might become unbearable.
wirehead: good point, but remember charlie's a vet. he can sedate 'em. i can see it now in an ad for CAT: " natural air bearings and suspension/anesthesiologist supplied." -kelly
Well put Kelly but kinda expensive. Heard they work best under the Rockport turntable.
wirehead: sorry to confess. the rockport's no longer with me. guess what "they" say is true; you can't scam the devil. i'd already worked through three of the subordinate fallen angels to get up to a basis debut V vacuum. they all ratted on me when i made the deal with "the antichrist" for the rockport. just goes to show, again, that one must be really, really careful when choosing friends, or enemies.-Kelly
Ever notice how a cat can run all the way across a room without it's feet touching the floor if it's spooked enough? Talk about air-bearing!