Vibrapod cones or isolators?

I'm on a limited budget and these two options look like exactly what I need to isolate my components from vibration. My components are an Arcam AVR300 and Sony 777ES 400 disc changer. Which would work best with these, the cones or isolators? I'm sure the 777ES will get quite heavy if I ever fill it with 400 discs so that is a possible factor. I was going to start out with 8 of either (probably the #3's if I go with the isolators). The lower profile isolators will help by giving me another 1/2" in clearance above the 777ES under my stand so that's one benefit to them. The cones look more high tech though. Will they do a better job at isolating vibration?

Thanks for any input,

I would make the Vibrapod sandwhich. I use 1/2 in glass. You'll need a piece large enough for your components to rest on. Some people like maple blocks and mdf board for this, I don't. You'll have to experiment to get the correct number of vibrapods, though 8 threes sound about right. I would try a combo of 4s and 5s with the threes possbily especially as your Sony gains weight. The cones work very well too and really clean up the bass and midrange. The best combo I've tried is using both, with the vibrapod turned down. Sometimes I put a cone directly underneath the component then the glass then my sets of vibrapods & cones.
This seems to be the ultimate. You could add a piece of dynamat to the glass in a place or two to prevent the glass from ringing. I can easily hear the differneces between these configurations on my system.
Hope this helps.