Vibraplane question


I just got a used 2210 passive version from an auction here on Audiogon. No manual came with it. Can anyone tell me if I am supposed to pump it up first and then sit the tt on top?

How do you know when you have put enough air in it? Is there a relief valve to guard against over pressurizing?


place your tt on it , then pump it up (use a bubble-level to make sure the platform is level if weight is skewed towards one side or another).

top of platform should be just slightly less than fully extended.
don't worry abt over pressurizing.
You can pump it up first or the other doesn't matter. Really important is:
NEVER move the VP when the feet are filled. You will damage the hoses and a feet can loose air.
You can pump it up until you feel the resistance in your pump, then it is done. It depends a bit on the overall loading weight, but it is pretty simple.
The last time I filled mine is 3 moths ago, one move with the pump, that's it normally.
If you send me your email I'd be glad to email you a copy of the manual. The correct height once pumped up and your component sitting on the VP is 33/4 inches.


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