Any User out there?
Which Turntable is on it with what kind of results.
I am interested to buy one.
Thank you
My cousin is using a Simon Yorke on it as recommended. When his Vibraplane wasn't working he then wouldn't listen to his turntable as he felt the sound was very poor without it.

IMO the stand is dependant on the turntable matching it.

There is someone using a Minus K stand from this forum. It sounds very interesting. Check it on the internet. It is used for Spectron Microscopy.
I have the passive Vibraplane and have used it under a VPI HW19 Mk4 and my current Redpoint Testa Rosa. When I had the VPI it was sitting on the top shelf of an Audio rack. When I inserted the Vibraplane underneath it transformed the sound of the VPI to a much higher level. The sound was much more open with much better clarity, the noise floor dropped and there was better dynamics. Overall it made improvements in all areas. The difference was not subtle.
Thomas,I have two friends using the active units.Both used to run VPI TNT model 6,with both using Air Tangent arms.The results,as compared to everything else they tried,weighed heavily in favor of the Vibraplane.Clearly audible!!
Now,they have moved on from the Air Tangent(for convenience reasons),sadly,and STILL use the Vibraplanes.

One additional point--They are both avid,fanatical LP collectors,having an incredible array of the finest records made.In classical,jazz,and pop.We are talking about guys who MUST have the "first pressings" of everthing.The lucky dogs!!
I hate them both-:)

Sounds like both examples above use the table with suspended design(Simon Yorke , I think and VPI). Does it/will it equally effective with Non suspended design?
I guess the intent isto isolate the TT from cabinet/rack regradless of type of TT design, so you would think it will work well with either design. May be more users will chime in...

You may already know this, but for those who do not, Vibraplane used to or still does rebadge Newport Research scientific isolation platforms.

Newport specializes in vibration control and isolation surfaces for scientific and critical high-tech testing equipment. You can often find surplus units for sale on eBay at 1/3 Vibraplane's new cost.

Newport(and a several other companies) also make constrained-layer scientific/research breadboards that I think function exactly like Symposium, Bright Star, and other isolation platforms - perhaps to an even higher degree because of their clientele.

Might be worth looking for some surplus platforms if you are the value shopper I am.
Sorry!I did not mention that both VPI's used were not with the VPI suspension,but a fixed one.
After the VPI I have been using on my unsuspended Redpoint Testa Rosa and it works really well.
Any information on the performance comparison for the Minus K and the Vibraplane will be greatly appreciated.
The Simon Yorke is a non suspended turntable as well. I am using the Stillpoints on my table. They are amazing for the money.
I've tried just about EVERYTHING, including what one dealer told me was the best, a SRA (squared series) and this wasn't even close, it paled by comparison to the Vibraplane. I bought one Vibraplane, then another Vibraplane, I now use 4 in my system. Deflate them and I can not listen to the system any more, it is that drastic.
Don't listen to dealers, they are used car salesman, listen for yourself, you will HEAR the difference.
How does the Bright Star Air Mass or Townsend air platforms compare to the Vibrplane?
I had a Bright Star air mass under a table for a few years.It was a very nicely designed product,but you must be VERY careful to balance the table above it.The air bladder required a few pumps of air about every two weeks.It was a breeze to do.Darn nice product,but be careful of maximum weight allowed for the particular product that sits above it.

Has anyone tried a Vibraplane under a Teres table ?
If so, with what results.
I've been using/experimenting with a vibraplane-like product under my Galibier. It's made by a company called Herzan and is an automatic model like the 2212(?) from Kinetic Systems. There are also other producers out there like Benchmate, Melles Griot, Newport, Micro-G, Oriel, Servabench and TMC. They will come up on Ebay every once in a while and can usually be had relatively inexpensively. I think I got mine for $99, shipping was about the same IIRC. I feed it with a Nitrogen tank because it's quiet and cheap(about $10 every few months).

The instructions for my particular model said it wanted a 200lb load so I had a piece of aluminum cut to the same size as the platform that made up the difference(TT=~105lbs, Alum. plate=~85lbs). It is self-leveling, however, if the load is unbalanced by too much it won't be able to compensate and thus requires a bit of experimentation to find an arrangement that works.

In the end, the biggest difference I notice is that the lower frequencies are less boomy. Without it bass info tends to feel "slower", meaning that a bass note will hang around a little longer than it should and actually seems a bit louder, but fuzzier. If I didn't have the Herzan I'm not sure it would have ever bothered me really, which may be a testament to the design of the TT, however, I do think it makes a positive difference, just fairly subtle. Of course, subtle to me may be huge to someone else. I'd be surprised if you couldn't hear the difference in my system, but YMMV. BTW, I have suspended wood floors - more solid than most, but it isn't a slab:-).

Cello,in response to your question,it would seem that the Vibraplane would work best if the flooring was wood.Both my friends had a non suspended table(like yours)on a wooden floor.Hence,the Vibraplane was a clear improvement.
I don't remember if your flooring was concrete(I think it was solid),but it would make a difference,as I'm sure you know.If so,you may be better off with a "solid dense" platform,like somethong from SRA!
Is any one using a HRS isolation split base (as recommended for the Brinkmann balance TT) with a Simon Yorke 7
I would think that the Vibraplane would work just as well on a concrete floor as it does on a wood floor, The difference is that on a concrete floor there are less floor vibrations that you would have to deal with so there may be less expensive options to get you the proper isolation.
Redscouser - I use a Neuance Platform used my Simon Yorke S7. The platform sits on top of a set of Aurio MIB 1.2's. This seems to work nicely for me. My floor is concrete. I'd love to try a Vibraplane, but the sheer weight of the beast is a deterrent for me.

What isolation have folks found to work well under a SImon Yorke S7, other than a Vibraplane?
I don't see the advantage of an additional active,air suspension,if you have a high mass table on a concrete floor.Provided it has a superb stand.I could be wrong,but wouln't the solid stand/high mass table better be able to evacuate resonances?
sirspeedy: How are your friends using Vibraplanes with TNT6? You mentioned that the VPI suspension is a fixed one. Does it mean that they defeated their air suspension footers supplied with the turntable?

I am also using TMC air table with TNT 5 and defeated its air feet. I have added Black Diamond Racing pucks and cones instead.
Sojs,originally the feet were fixed.Now they have the newest TNT and are using the vibraplane with the "rubber balls",that the TNT now comes with.I asked wht they would want to double up the suspension,but it's not my system,so I sort of droped it.

Got it now. It's good.