VIBEX noise audible noise

I ' m using 3 VIBEX powerblocks , the normal version , 1 for the preamp , and two for the L & R poweramps .
I did a measurement with an ENTECH wideband powerline noise analyzer ( from Monster cable ) , preamp and 1 poweramp blocks dead quiet , but 1 for the other poweramp gives some noise , absolute less than trying the meter at the powersourse in the kitchen . I 'm using 3 dedicated powerlines from the house power to the audio group , BTW I 'm living in the Netherlands ( Europe ) As seen in other discussions , from VIBEX Spain NO answer .Could something be wrong with this powerblock ?
Im using 2 VIBEX Platinum units they look and sound great.Hope yours is ok it may need service.Let us know what is wrong.I had the older versions these are much better.Good luck.
Asked VIBEX.ES , the factory , hope I get an answer , but already know
no serviceable parts inside , all 3 are the older models.
Today I got an answer of VIBEX , I wrote them about the problem , I could send the unit to Spain to have inspect it .In the meantime I got a Russ 
Andrews Silencer ( parallel filter ) that works great , unit dead quiet, told this result , and within an hour I got this answer :That's great news . I'm pleased to hear that Russ harmonic filter works fine , he is a friend of mine.There are no active or passive components either in the Vibex power block . Noise reduction is achieved by using mechanical energy absorption techniques and screening elastomers.OK great customer service .But only one question for me , what causes the noise , elastomers getting hard ?