VHS Audio Recording

Recently my Revox G-36 expired and the costof repair was more than I wanted to invest.I used it mostly for background music. I tried recording similar music on my Sony HI FI Vhs recorder and it's seems to work pretty good.Has anyone else used Vhs for audio recordings?
I have used my Hifi VCR for audio recordings for years.The specs. exceed my Tandberg reel to reel at 71/2 speed. In my system the sound reproduction is excellent. It is also my understanding that you can record at the lower speed because of the moving heads in VCRs. I can't tell the difference in sound quality between the speeds. You can record up to 6 hours of music on 1 tape. The only caveat is to use quality VHS tape. Good luck.
Recording speed won't matter as much on a VCR with "HIFI" sound. On low end regular VCRs, speed matters a lot from my experience.
I used my Hi Fi VCR as a 2 track mastering device for a couple of years when I had a home recording studio, and even mastered a few commercials with it. It was as good or better than many 2 track 1/4" reel to reel decks.
I use a Denon DMD 1000 minidisc recorder now. It sounds excellent, and is a great convenience.