VH Flavor Four power cord with SCHUKO plug adapter

Could anybody help me: I am considering to purchase a Flavor Four power cord but I have European-type grounded wall sockets and, therefore, I need it be terminated with a SCHUKO plug. Chris told me it's not possible until (and unless) Furutech redesigns their connecting plugs. He sells adapters (I believe cryogenically treated), but, theoretically, all adapters deteriorate the sound due to interrupted signal or otherwise.
I will appreciate any advice on this matter.
Non issue, IMO. I could not hear a difference.
So long as the connections are both clean and tight, i wouldn't worry too much about using some type of reasonably designed adapter. There are already so many connections and impedance bumps within the AC line and power supply of your component that i highly doubt that you would ever notice any difference. That is, so long as the conditions above are addressed. Sean
Thanks a lot! I am quite encouraged to order this cable.