VH Audio Symmetry vs Silver Audio Appassionata XLR

Has anyone compared the VH Audio Symmetry, a highly regarded balanced IC, with the balanced version of Silver Audio's Appassionata, another highly regarded IC?

Both Max Kreifeldt and Chris Ven Haus are wonderful craftsman who consistently offer incredible value for the price.

I use Max's Silver Breeze for my analog rig and am very, very pleased. I do use the Ven Haus Ag ICs (XLR and SE) for the rest of my system, but will likely be moving to a pair of balanced tube monoblocks from SE.

I like Ag and find the Silver Audio and VH Audio fit my budget.


Thoughts would be appreciated.

I have the VH Audio Flavor 2 power cable, but haven't tried their XLR. For XLR I use the Speltz Anti-cable XLR. It strikes me as simply not being there, and replaced a PS Audio XLR that was very very good but was just slightly colored compared to the Anti-cable. Depending on the system the PS Audio might have added some welcome warmth (ever so slight).
I just finished building Chris' DIY Silver balanced ICs from the recipe on his web site. They sound better than the Tara Air I's that they replaced. If your system can get away with cabling with no shield these are worthy. It did take over 150 hours for the bass to show up. Some patience is required!
I would go with the Silver Audio as it is pure silver, versus copper braid in the VH Audio Symmetry. Copper changes with time for the worse - copper oxide rectifies the signal versus Silver oxide improves the characteristics of the cable, making it more transparent.
Thanks, Ua100k. I know Chris uses silver in the signal and return/ground - it must be the shield that has the silver-plated copper braid.

For terminations, Chris' uses the Furutech XLRs and Max uses XLOs. Any comment here? I have heard the Furutech XLRs are simply the finest available and worth it.

I did find this under the FAQ on Max's web site:

"Only two other valid electrical uses for silver plating exists; at connector contact surfaces and to boost the conductivity of braided mesh shielding material..."

I didn't copy the entire "dissertation", but Max talks to the importance of thin, solid core silver with Teflon dielectric wire in ICs - just like Chris' Symmetry. Max seemed OK with silver-plated copper mesh for the shield, though I don't know what Max uses for his products.

I appreciate your comments on the LT issues with Cu, however. I probably will test drive Max's ICs.