VH Audio, Ridge St Audio or Audience Au24 XLRs?

I am in the market for 2 pairs or .5 to 1 meter balanced interconnects to go between an Esoteric DV50/ Pass X-1/ Blue Circle BC 26MKII power amp.

I have rented cables from the Cable Company- including the Au24's but I was not able to get a sample of the Ridge St or VH Audio Pulsar w/o buying them.

I like a detailed yet accurate sound. I am not looking for tone controls. Has anyone compared these 3 cables? If so how would you stack rank the cables?

Thank you in advance
Bingenito, IMHO you've selected three terrific cables, and I'd suggest
trying all three to see which you prefer, because they will will function
differently in your system than in others'. You can audition all these
cables from the manufacturers since they offer 30 day money back
guarantees. Yes, you have to buy them, but if you return them within
the 30 day window you'll receive your money back.

Trying all of them is the only way you'll know which is right for you.
I just want to echo what Tvad said, that is, you must try them in your system to know for sure.

Don't take this the wrong way but regardless of the cable, they all act like tone controls to some extent, as does the rest of the gear in your system.
Not be be hard headed but I am looking for what others have found that have compared these cables. It is obvious that I could buy the cables and try them but before I do that I am asking what other people think.
I'll jump in. I did do a home test between two of these cables, the Au24s and the Pulsars. I had been using Audience Au24 ICs and SCs in my system. I wanted to try out the Pulsars fron Chris since I was so pleased with his power cords. In my system to my ears, the Pulsars had more sparkle and clarity w/o being overdone. The difference was not night and day. I kept the Pulsars and sold my Au24 ICs. You really can't go wrong with either cable, in fact I have recently made some changes with components and wanting to try the Au24s again. At the end of the day, try them out with your rig and tell for yourself.

Good info. I see you are using Chris's cyro wire for speaker cable and you were using Au24. Is the Cyro wire really on par with AU24. Please let me know. At those prices I have to pick some up!
Pulsar/Au24 thread

I found the Ridge Street MSE II to have a slightly softer top end than the Pulsar. The midrange and bass were about equal without excessive bloom. Both are a bit warmer than the Au24. The Au24 images best because of its uncanny ability to focus the instruments/vocals.
Read my reviews under user name Lak. I’ve auditioned many interconnects and speaker cables.
I agree with what Tvad and Driver said, "all interconnects and speaker cables are system dependent", including listener dependent. With that said, I’ve owned the AU-24’s including the Ridge Street SME Gen. I and II and the Poiema’s. I have not had the pleasure of listening to the VH Audio Pulsar (but I would be grateful to anyone that would let me borrow a pair or two (RCA) for review purposes).
I prefer the Ridge Street for the reasons written in my reviews.
Good luck, you can’t go wrong, they are all good!
Anyone care to say which one is the most transparent?

In my opinion, the Au24 are more transparent.
Bingenito, my decision to go with the Star-quad wire was from Chris's recommendation after I liked the performance of his PCs and ICs. I was using Audience Au24 speaker wires and when I compared the Star-quad, I really couldn't tell a difference, both were open and transparent to me. I really like the sound I'm getting from my cables, it's a good feeling to have the confidence of knowing you're comfortable with what you are using based on A/B comparisons in your own rig. I believe Chris is developing a line of speaker wires now, I'm anxious to check them out.
Again, having recently gone down this IC path, and trying these three interconnects, I can only advise the following:

Try them for yourself!

If you notice, there are several members who have tried all three, and have decided differently on what they want in their system. Since all three are excellent cables, the only explanation for the different choices is a difference in personal taste. To rate one over the other is like saying Hagan Dass vanilla is better than their chocolate.


So taste them. Enjoy the process (Chris and Robert are outstanding to deal with). And decide then.

Im in with Lak here...Ive demo'd and tried many cables and ultimately stopped the merry go round when I landed on the Ridge Streets. I honestly did not try the other cables mentioned, so I cant help in comparison, but can wholeheartedly and unequivically recommend the RSA Poiema's or MSE GenII's.Detail without etch, great bass and soundstage depth and especially width across the stage.
Mprime, your post echoes my original post at the top of the thread. I'm hesitant these days to recommend any one cable, because my experience comparing interconnects (all highly recommended by other Audiogon members) led me to the conclusion that wire is completely system dependent, and even when you think you've found the best choice for your system, curiosity kicks in and you wind up trying something new anyway. Only after some trial and error will you find the ideal cable for your system, and in my case the ideal is actually a combination of cables.

That's why I try to only offer a choice. However, people take umbrage at the hesitancy to narrow a choice to one, or to rank cables from best to worst. This is an unwinnable task, and in my opinion does a disservice to the person seeking the answer.
Great responses from very level headed Agon members. Sean