VH Audio Flavor 4 for Shunyata Hydra.

Can anyone comment on the sound attributes of Flavor 4 power cord on Shunyata Hydra? I am planning to replace the Diamondback cord I use now to connect Hydra2 to the wall with VH Flavor 4. This Hydra is used for a pre-amp and amp. My amp, however, is hoodek up to Hydra with Diamondback. Would Flavor 4 with Furutech gold plugs from Hydra2 to the wall be an improvement over Shunyata Diamondback? Thanks.
Despite the fact that there are no responses to this post yet, I decided to try it out anyway, since there is 60 day trial period and this cord is reasonably priced. If there are opinions, I would still appreciate hearing what people have to say of this cord when used with power conditioner. thanks....
I am using three VH Audio Flavor 4 Golds with my Hydra 2 and am running my pre-amp and amp off it. Certainly no complaints about the sound and I am happy with the improvements its made.

I can't comment on the Shunyata PCs sonically as I've never had them in my system. My only complaint with the VH Flavor 4s is the stiffness of the cords. If you have a tight space look elsewhere.

I bet you'll like the VH Flavor 4s, especially when compared against simillarly priced cables. In each application I've experimented with them they have always made a improvement without compromise in another area...like a cord that really improves bass but makes the midrange dull.
I currently have a VH Audio Airsine powering my orig Hydra which was a major step up from the supplied PC for the Hydra which I've been told was comparable to a Shunyata Sidewinder.

I also own a Shunyata Sidewinder and have compared it to a Flavor 4 with gold Wattgates on both my CDP and my preamp. In both cases, I liked the Flavor 4 better. The differences were subtle but definitely there. I'm not sure how the Sidewinder and Diamondback compare but I think the Sidewinder is/was a bit more expensive.

IMO, unless you're willing to spend major $$, it's hard to beat the VH Audio PCs.
Mdconnelly, thanks. I am looking forward to trying this cable. I may later get one for the amplifier as well, if I like what it did on Hydra.