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I just saw that VH Audio has introduced a new power cable today called the AirSine. Looks intriguing -- I guess no one has had a chance to try it but if anyone has experience as a beta tester it would be great to hear about it.
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While i haven't seen or used one of these, it looks like Chris is really doing his homework and trying to offer the best products that he can.

One of the biggest problems that i had with his "Flavour 4" cabling was the fact that it was so rigid due to using such large strands in the individual conductors. This made the cabling highly resonant i.e. microphonic to a large degree along with being more unwieldy to work with. He and i discussed this quite a long time ago and it appears that he was taking notes. It looks like he's taken major steps to try and improve these aspects on this design and even gone several steps further with other improvements.

Kudo's to him for not only being open to constructive criticism, but for taking that feedback and using it to his / our advantage in coming up with better products. This is a perfect example of how business should be conducted and i hope that Chris is as successful as he deserves to be.

As a side note, Grant's link above currently won't allow you to do anything other than read those specific customer reviews of the Airsine. Until Chris can fix this and add a link back to their homepage, here's a direct link to VH Audio. From there, you can navigate wherever you want to go on their website. If you end up reading those reviews and can't figure out how to get off of that page, coming in through the link i've provided here will allow you to use the "back" button on your browser to return to their homepage. Sean
Yes this is all very interesting to me too.I currently own Four Flavor 4 Wattgate Gold cords and was wondering what the AirSine may bring to the sound on the CDP in my system.What i am wondering is if my money would be better spent on having the V-Caps installed in my Amp?
I do not have alot of experience with aftermarket power cords and the VH cords are the only ones i have ever used(i have used the flavor 1 and 2).That being said, the flavor 4 Golds were the best at this point on my system and i am sure that the AirSine takes one more sonic leap forward.I wonder however if the V-Cap installation would be a better bang for the buck type of thing for me at this point?
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Grant: I emailed Chris about the lack of a link last night and he took care of the problem this morning : ) Sean
Sean's right. In my sleep deprived state, I forgot to add links to the AirSine pages. He was gracious enough to give me a heads-up on this. Kudos to Sean :-)
I beta tested the AirSine. Here's my advise... DO NOT ALLOW THIS POWER CORD INTO YOUR HOME. Unless, that is, you want to be disappointed with your existing power cord. I was stunned at the difference between this cord and the two I had on hand---- the flavor 1 and the Transparent Powerlink XL20amp PC. I used these cords primarily with my CD player (Resolution Audio Opus 21) and briefly with a VTL 5.5 preamp. I am by no means an expert on the subject of power cords. I entered the beta testing period fully prepared to send back the AirSine because it would prove to be a very miniscule difference. But this cable did more for the music than I was prepared to believe. The cord will not leave my house anytime soon.

The AirSine is indeed very flexible and this is a plus with my system configuration. I am not a longtime customer of VH audio products. In fact, I was quite skeptical of the whole power cord thing. I believed all the posts here on Audiogon about they're importance, however I thought that most were using hyperbole to a large extent when descibing their particular PC favorite. Anyway, read my comments on the AirSine page and feel free to ask me any questions you may have. PS: My system is as follows (very open and revealing): Opus 21 CD player connected directly to Krell FPB 300cx amp with B&WN802 speakers (Biwired with Transparent Audio Ultra Bottom and Reference on top--both with xl technology) Also Transparent Audio Reference w/xl balanced interconnect.
I am using both a Flavor 2 and Flavor 4 cord. I understand the aspect of flexibility with the Flavor 4, but it is not an issue for me. What is the deal with the "microphonics" you mention regrading this cord, Sean? None in my experience, at least not that I can tell with my ears. It's a great cord.

I would love to give the AirSine a go, given my satisfaction with the other VH cords I bought.
4yanx: I initially looked at the "raw" cabling that Chris uses as the base for his Flavour 4 power cords when he first came out with it. Some people were also using this by itself as speaker cabling. In the raw form, the cable is phenomenally microphonic i.e. ANY vibration fed into one end is transmitted from end to the other with a high level of intensity. As mentioned above, this has to do with the gauge of the individual stranding and the use of a dielectric ( Teflon ) that isn't very lossy or "self-damping" ). Trying to isolate one's gear from acoustic energy and then connecting a microphonic resonator to it obviously isn't a good thing in my book.

For sake of clarity though, Chris' Flavour 4 power cords would be somewhat more damped than what i experienced. That's because he's using other softer materials that completely envelope the core conductors that i was commenting on. As such, this not only lowers the intensity of any air-borne vibrations the cord would be exposed to, but it also physically damps vibrations that could be transferred into or from the cabling via direct contact against a floor and / or rack.

Those that are using the raw cabling to connect their amp to their speakers is another story. I've no doubt in my mind that the vibrations of the speaker cabinets are being fed back to the amp. Whether or not this is audible could end up in a major debate, but given what i've seen show up high dollar test equipment when looking at cable microphony, there probably is a measurable change in distortion byproducts. As such, if someone wants to use these as a speaker cable, they should take steps towards damping it if at all possible. Sean
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