VH 2, Signal Magic, Zu Birth

I am about to enter the PC "Rabbit Hole". I have only used stock cords to this point. I was looking for an inexpensive PC for my amplifier. The VH flavor 2 and Signal Magic seem to be polular choices. I was looking for comparisons between these 2, sub $100 cords and perhaps the Zu Birth PC.

I would also consider the Flavor 4 for amps if you can. They are very,very good for the price range and sometime come up now ( 0n audiogon )due to another higher quality V H.Audio p/cord that many flavor 4 users will be upgrading to.
Try the VH cords, very good in my opinion and the return policy is always there if you need it. I'm running Flavor 4's on my amp and pre-amp now and the improvements in stage details, texture of notes and dynamics is really noticeable. More importantly the VH Flavor 4s do nothing wrong to the music.

Ask yourself what you are looking for with this upgrade and try to find a PC to match.
I'll add my three cents here and vote for the Flavor 4.I have the flavor 1 and 2(which i no longer use in my SET system but on my computer).I now use the Flavor 4 gold wattgates in my system(three of them).These were a large improvement for me over the Flavor 1 and 2 with not that much more expenditure. Do yourself a favor(flavor)and spend the extra money if you can to get the flavor 4's.OH and by the way i own the Signal Magic cord too(two of them)and they are not being used now.They don't do,in my system, what the VH PC's have.Haven't got around to selling them yet and keep thinking i will find something to put them on so....
Also VH's latest cord is the Airsine and is more then double the price of the Flavor 4.This guy knows his stuff and you have to figure that the Flavor 4 is no slouch since it was his top of the line PC just a few months ago.
Do yourself a flavor and try and pick one up somehow to try out.It works for me but now what about that VH Airsine..........hmmmmmmm....... ; 0
VH, no question about it......I own a pair of 1's and a pair of 4's and they are terrific, as is doing business with Chris...
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5 out of 5 for the VH Flavor 4...........that's hard to argue against. I guess I'm heading in the VH direction for a PC.

Thanks for the help!
let's make it six out of six for VH Audio :-)

I use Flavor 4 (with Rhodium Furutech and Gold Wattgates) and AirSine cords in my system.

Each time I try a new cord against them, the VH Audio cords stay!

Chris has a 60 day trial period, why not hear them for yourself? Oops, just saw that you are - keep us posted on your findings.
Alright, 7 out of 7 for the VH Flav 4s. I bought a couple of them w/ the Gold wattgates over a month ago, and yup, they are staying....