VGA video cable vrs RGB w/ Vert & Horz sync

Looking for a recommendition on a VGA cable. How would you compare the use of a VGA to a RGB with Virtical and Horizontal sync? I am using a Mitsubishi Diamondtron 65" wide screen and an EAD TheaterVision P DVD player. Both units can be used with either connection. I am currently using the DVD player through the TV with just the standard progressive scan cables. But I have heard that the VGA is far superior to standard progressive and better than the RGB.
Does anyone have exp. with these connections.
Thanks inadvance
When you say VGA, do you mean DVI? DVI and VGA are different interfaces even if the connectors look the same, and I always thought VGA was strictly a computer interface--i.e., a DVI plugged into a VGA input won't work, and vice versa. Common wisdom is that DVI is substantially better than RGB, even RGB+HV, because its transmits information in the digital domain.
In response to your question- Yes I do mean VGA-My EAD Theater Vison P has the following Video outputs:
High Quality 480p Video Outputs: Component video (YPBPR), RGB video and VGA outputs use 10-bit 2x oversampling premium quality video DACs. The DACs have double-buffered data and low glitch energy for a smooth, low-distortion picture.
This comes direct from the Enlighten Audio Design website and my manual. Plus I just sent the player back to EAD for a tune up and they have just added an upgrade for the VGA output.
My Mitsubishi Diamond Vision WS 65711 (there top of the line it only comes bigger). The HD Video inputs are as follows:
HDTV input:(auto select scan rate)
Componet Video:(YPbPr)480i, 480p, 1040i-----------------
RGB/RGBHV (the same as above-----------------
Then there is: VGA input (480 x 640@ 60Hz, overscaned).
DVI is not an option on either of these pieces and I have not confusssed the two. I was trying to find out if someone out there might have had experience using both connects and had a recommendation on them.
Thanks for your input.