VGA-RCA Component Video Cable for Plasma?

Does anybody use the 15-pin sub-D input on their Panasonic TH-42PWD6UY Plasma using a VGA-RCA Component Video Cable?

I was planning on connecting my DVD player to the BNC component input and my HDTV Satelite receiver to the 15-pin sub-D input.

Is this better than only using the BNC component input and having a switch box with two component inputs for the DVD and HDTV receiver?

Which way results in better video quality, using the BNC component input or the 15-pin sub-D input?

The component BNC will give a very small advantage over a 15-pin Dsub connection. I don't even believe you will notice a difference on a 42" screen. If you did wish to add another set of components inputs you can. The TH42PWD6UY has open slot architecture. Those slots located next to your standard inputs are there for optional blades. Blades is the industry term for the optional circuit boards availble with the Panasonics. I'm not too sure of the actual part number but there is a blade that will give you an addition component input. You can specify either RCA or BNC connectors. I believe cost is around $200. To take it a step further, add a DVI blade and look into one of the new DVD players with DVI out.
Just try if or yourself and do what you like. I am told that the 15-pin RGB is the best analog feed to either projector or plasma. I set my Father-in-Law up with a Sony plasma and I use the 15-pin from the Satellite and it looks really good in High Definition.

I am not really so sure you will be able to tell much of a differance. For instance, I also use a interconnect that I got from which is 15-pin at one end and terminates with standard three-wire connect component at the other. This is used with a DVD player and it looks fine, too.