VGA Help

I just bought a component to VGA converter. I am running my component cable from my hometheater processor to the converter, then VGA to the projector. All I can say is what a crummy picture! What do I need to do to take advantage of progressive scan?
Why not just a component to Vga cable? This is a cable with RGB component connections on one end and VGA connection on the other end. Is your source player Dvd player with progressive outputs? My cable runs from source to projector for video, I do not run my video through my pre/pro and would advise you not to run progressive output to yours. You don't give much info on your other components so I'm not sure why you need a converter unless you mean cable.

For cable help, log onto the prices are a bit high, but the service and the web page itself is of great help.

I have made two purchases from them and I am very happy.