VGA cable length

Many if not most DLP projectors have a VGA connector that accommodates component signals. From what I gather, there must be a short pigtail that you use to connect to the three BNC terminated cables. I just bought a house that has a theater room where the projector was wired with a single composite cable (must have been one of the first projector systems) and I'm not sure how difficult it would be to run three component cables through the ceiling and wall. My question is, could I expect good results if I ran a VGA cable to connect to the projector? (The run would probably be about 10 to 12 feet.)
I use 15 feet Better Cables VGA to my DLP. It works great. Not as great as my DVI though.
Cool. Thanks for the quick response.
Speaking VGA-->VGA (HD15 to HD15), you should be fine up to 20-25' or so. I don't think HD15 --> BNC really changes anything, just the termination, if that's your situation.
You're totally in fair territory for VGA. Beyond 20-25' or so, you'd consider using an in-line amp. I wouldn't be concerned. I have run their 25ft, 50ft, and 75ft VGA cables without ghosting.. all are available for less than $30! recommends these guys. I also used a 50ft VGA to RGB (5 BNC ends) and added 3 BNC to RCA adapters sold also by pccables, for my HDTV XBOX kit.. Works great!