Very tube-friendly monitor speakers?

I want to setup a second system consisting of a SET integrated (at this point looks like Antique Sound Labs or Unison) around 3 to 10 Watts. I want much more efficient speakers than my Paradigm Reference 100.2s so as to not have to stress my new little amp, leaving the Paradigms with my beloved McIntosh SS setup. By my calculations, i would like a monitor of 93dB or more sensitivity. And to make it even harder, I would like to keep it around $1000 or less, new preferred but used not out of the question. Any comments, suggestions, questions welcome. Thanks! Arthur
Soliloquy makes a speaker called the SM2A3 which is very tube friendly. It is meant to be driven by SET's. Check these out. They go for 1195 new, I am sure you can get a discount or about 600-800 used. I really enjoy the soliloquy sound, they are very rich and smooth sounding and are great with tubes, good luck
I recall there is a 16 or 30 ohm version of the LS3/5A monitor either old or current production that might fit the bill. Contact a Spendor dealer.
The size of your room really matters here. I have an 8 wt 300B Air Tight amp and a 11 x 13.5 room. Use 86db efficient ProAc 2.5s. Works quite well but I would like to find something at 90db which would effectively double the output of my amp. Again, size of room is very important. The bigger the room, the more efficient the speaker needs to be. Finally, check the thread from 11-07-02 - "Best efficient speaker..."
Thanks for the replies. i checked out the "best efficient.." thread already but really would like to get monitors. I am looking into the Soliloquy - I had missed that one. I could not find much of anything on the LS3/5a. Thanks again.
Coincident makes quite a few models that are very tube friendly and I've read good things about their speakers.
Check out Reimer speakers. I picked up a pair of used McCullough (42 to 20 khz and 94 dB) for $1200 with stands. He has three models below the McCullough. Unfortunately, his website does not yet list the specs or prices for these models. Rick is a great guy to talk with.

Here are a few good choices for hi-effeciency speakers.

Reference 3A MM De Capo- easy to drive with SET, but 8-10 watts would be a better match than 2-3 watts.

Galante Rapsody- Great reviews, but expensive considering how similar the are to the Adire HE10.1

Adire HE10.1- as little as $299 in kit form, but more like $1200 if you have the signature version professionally built.

Triangle-all Triangle speakers are easy to drive. Will work with almost any SET, but 8-10 watts would be better.

Cain & Cain Abby-Specifically designed for low-powered amps, the Abbys are a single drive unit. Looks way cool.

Omega Speakers- Single drive monitors

Loth X- high effeciency monitors

Moth Cicada-Art Deco looks, single Fostex drive.

The Ref. 3A De Capo is a great speaker with more bass than any other easy-to-drive monitor that I have ever heard. This speaker will kill many floor-standers in the bass department and is a very smooth and articulate speaker. I highly recommend it if you have enough power.


Get the Omega from Louis Chochos. Telephone number in Connecticut is 203-847-2800. Great reviews on Enjoy The Music and TNT websites. I own a pair, I dig 'em.
I own coincident speakers and love them. The triumphs retail for about $1199.
The early versions of the LS3/5A were at 15 ohms impedance and later production models were 11 ohms. I believe current production (available only mail order from UK) are 11 ohms. All models were around 82-84db sensitivity so driving them with small watts is questionable. There is a website totally dedicated to the speaker,
I like the Omega TS1. Very cool. Thanks for all the input. I guess now it is time to decide! Arthur
If you are looking for small, I would agree with the Soliloquy SM2A3, for larger applications, definitely look into the Coincident line.
I vote for Coincident Triumph Signature about $1200 new. They need a while for break-in. Goood Luck
ProAc 1SC.....
I checked out ProAcs seeing some people with tube amps had them but they have terrible sensitivity (the 1SC included). My Paradigms are much better than that although I have not seen the ProAc's impedance curve but the sensitivity is just too low for me anyway.

Have you even listened to the 1SC's? Don't disregard something until you have heard it. Wes Philips loves the ProAc's with his SET Cary's. I have heard the Paradigms and although a good value they are not at all in the same league as the ProAc's.
I bought Omega TS1 speakers. Thanks for everyone's input. Arthur
You have to audition the Triangle line...they are really intended to be mated with low-watt tubes...with an efficiency of 92db...they are extremely revealing...and their high level of resolution matched with smooth tube power is an intoxicating sound...other brands such as Spendor, Proac can sound very dark with tubes...and the Triangles can sound a bit bright with solid state...but for tube warmth and detailed sound...nice combo...
I have auditioned the Triangle line twice and, although I may have some in the future, I was not too impressed by them when paired with a YBA Integre' and Rogue 88/66. Maybe I had just not listened to them long enough but they still sounded bright and a little too lean for me. HOwever, I am sure with the right system, they are excellent.
Just for the record...I didnt go with Triangle...the thought of having to invest in good tube gear to really make em sing priced me out...but on a conrad johnson set up...they sounded fast,detailed,and very transparent...which is why I assume they are compared to stats and planars...I opted for a fuller,more forgiving Brit monitor mated with solid state...completely different sound that what I have...which is why I liked them...they can sound dry and thin with the wrong gear...but they do offer a tremendous value based on performance...they outclassed alot of other pricier models in this regard...good luck...
I just bought the asl si115 15 wpc se; it is driving my reference 3a da capos, fed by the phillips sacd,dvd,cd player. This is a phenomenal and pretty low cost system. I'd spend the extra $500 or so it would cost to get the dacapos used with stands. It will sound very high quality. By the way, this is my second system-the other one costs 5 times as much and sounds maybe 50% better-maybe.
I will sugest you Italian speakers like Zingali, Opera, Diapason !!! Thay are made for tubes after all !!!
Please comments for speakers like Wilson Benesch Discovery and Apogee Diva. Did anyone audit with 40 watts power tube amp for such speakers ? Could those who had audited give their avaliable comments?
I am using Athena AS-F2's with a 12 watt per channel amp with good results. They are rated as 93db efficient and can be had for about $600US. They also respond nicely to some cheap tweaks which improves the sound and also seems to make them more efficient.