Very small very sensitive floor stander 1000?

Trying to get something to blend into a second system in the bedroom. WAF is major issue.


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These are great. Thanks. The Preludes looked like a winner. Except they are too tall. La Jeffa balked. Sigh.
Take a look at these Klipsch RVX-54's. I have their younger brother the RVX-42's in my bedroom and they sound great. The 54's are 98dB efficient and have a small footprint(7"x6.5"w/stands). They really sound a lot bigger than they are.

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Yes, I think you are right Tvad. I was looking at the Walsh's and couldn't get their sensitivity rating.

Acceptable height is of course the height of the Arros because she likes those. Or a bit higher (maybe 36-37" max).

Altough the Mirage's (recommended by Johnnyb53) may be okay. I'm a tad concerned about sound quality from a dipole speaker though.