Very Small 2.0 Amp for Totem Dreamcatcher

I am trying to put together a 2.0 stereo system for an office and want a real discrete minimal look to it. The music will be fed from the DAC in my usb sound interface from lossless music on my imac.

I am thinking about Totem Dreamcatchers as speakers to put out across from my desk but want a real small amp to listen at lower volumes.

Maybe something like a used Musical Fidelity X-80 or alternatives that I do not know about. I would set a budget of $400 total for the amp new or used.

I know I should just look at powered reference monitors for an office/computer setup but I have owned several and they sound anemic for music compared to a nice old totem arro setup I had years ago.

The alternative would be something powered and geared more for music like the AudioEngine A5/A2 but I would have to think the Totem/small amp would be more pleasing.
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Check out the tiny Dared MP-5 hybrid tube amp (tube preamp and 15 wpc gainclone solid state amp stage). An audiogon member (not me) is selling brand new "Sonic Integrity" branded units for $220. I picked one up a couple of weeks ago. It sounds great, and it gets even better if you swap out the stock Chinese tubes. Should be excellent for an office system.
The audioengines are supposed to be very good. Discrete and minimal too. I'm going to get a pair of the 2's very soon. I was going to use passive speakers and a Sonic Impact amp (which is an amp suggestion for you) but decided on the audioengine 2's instead because of their very small size. I just can't come up with a passive speaker that is so small that would sound good.
The most elegant small integrated with which I am familiar is the Naim Nait2 (chrome bumper or olive fascia - guts are the same). Don't be mislead by the power specs - it will drive the Totems easily, especially in an office setting. That being said, I'm pretty sure you will be hard-pressed to find one within your budget. $700-$750 would be my estimate. If you would like some Naim Nait history and info, do a web search for 'Naitology".

The Musical Fidelity X series are great choices, too.

At the end of the day, if it were me, I thing I'd lean to a pair of active monitors like the Quad 11L or 12L, Paradigm Studio 20 Actives or AudioEngine 2 or 5s - just a cleaner solution IMO.

Good luck - tunes at work definitely help the day go by!
Naim Nait
I am also considering some of these smaller systems fore heavily.

The NuForce Icon amp and the NuForce S-1 speakers as well as JohnBlue JB3

One step "down" from that would be the A2/A5 option.
The best bang for the buck will be an older stereo receiver. I have an old Luxman unit (pre-Alpine) that looks and sounds great. Tandberg, Pioneer, most any of the better units from the 70s and early 80s will work well.

If that's too large a form factor, how about a used Peachtree Decco? Looks good, sounds great and is reasonably priced in the used market.

The Totems are very good speakers, but I suggest that you also listen to the Dynaudio Audience models. The W models are front-ported and are designed to go against the wall. I use a pair of 42Ws in my office and they sound wonderful.
Lots of great choices in that price range. Since you're running one input, I'd suggest a Virtue Audio amp - they are very compact and I heard them at RMAF and came away impressed. The peachtree was also excellent (I heard the more expensive Nova, not the Decco.)
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I have the Dreamcatchers in a small office. I intially tried running them with a Cambridge 540A and it was just ok. I went ahead and slid in a 35 year old Marantz 2238 receiver and it was a completely different story. Crisp, Clear, nice kick considering the speaker size. It really opened them up. I was almost going to sell them before I did the swap I am extremely happy with this combo.

One thing this really did for me was really open my eyes with regards to some of the less expensive integrated amps on the market, this old Marantz just smokes that Cambridge as far as SQ. Hope this helps.
I use the Parasound Z-amp and Z-pre to drive my Arros and I have tried the Dreamcatchers also. Sounds great
LFD Zero LeIII would be one of my choice.