Very Sensible Audio Advice

Zero Fidelity - Do you know this guy?  I came across his channel on YouTube and I thought he offered some very level-headed advice and product reviews that would be helpful to a lot of people here.  He doesn't immediately look the part, but I think he knows what he's doing.  I would like to say it's good advice for those starting out, but I think many of us can take a lesson from him.
Yes, I've seen that clip recently and thought the same thing. Often there's no real substitute for experience (at least if you're as hard-headed as I am), but it's all solid advice that should be more widespread.
I would never have thought he would go for products like Heed and Totem, but he seems to have a good ear for sound.   IMO, his advice is better than a lot of the stuff thrown around here.  
I dont care for his listening room set up nor do I agree with him that the Ryan R610’s are simply a 2k speaker that doesn’t suck. They can Compete with monitors that cost much more if they are set up properly.
 IMO, his advice is better than a lot of the stuff thrown around here.  
Ha, that's probly right...(I'm sure some of mine included, lol!)
I agree that he does give good sensible advice.
Interesting and good advice. Thanks for the link.
I picked up on his videos a few months ago and found his advice and reviews sensible and honest. Like already stated, quite different from what one finds here.

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What I like about this guy is that, at least based on what I’ve seen, he doesn’t lock himself into a "religion." It’s almost like totally partisan politics which seems, to my recollection to have begun in the W. era, in which literally everything the other side did was wrong. Regardless of what side you were on. With audio, the analog/digital, tube/transistor, cables are everything/cables are bullshit, price = better sound/expensive stuff is a ripoff, stuff has become so ingrained that a simple guy with common sense stands apart from the crowd. A reminder that common sense ain’t so common. In fact, I think the expression should be changed to "common sense is uncommon." IMO of course. And yes, I know that partisan politics have gone back to the dawn of time, but it seems to me it became more obvious during the W. era.  Don't get crazy about it, please.  
@chayro thank you for sharing this, and initiating the conversation!

I enjoyed the video, and liked where he spoke from.  Too often I see the seagulls fly in to these threads, and crap all over someone.  Innumerable dogmatic stances: use this cable, tube instead of solid state, triode vs ultralinear, that brand of tube, this isolation component, upgrade your cartridge, fuses in the wrong direction, that DAC chip.  In the grand scheme of things, does it really result in the difference between finding pleasure and release in your music or failure to do so?  I and so many others get lost in my clock radio and car stereo, so I know perfection is not a requirement.  As he mentions, this hobby should focus on enjoyment.  Isn't that why most of us got into this hobby?
Good advice but I think you can find all of it in these forums. The people who offer it are usually ignored and the guy who KNOWS that you should buy these speakers or whatever because they are the greatest (and he owns them), gets the responses. Everyone has different hearing, tastes, rooms, etc. and the only way to really know if you’re going to like a particular component is to hear it in your own system for a period of time.  There's nothing wrong with people offering suggestions about gear you might want to check out though.

His last point is relevant. We should try to ignore the people who like to take over threads to spout nonsense, start arguments or grind their particular axes. I guess we should all try not to be one of those people too.  Audiogon is a pretty friendly and helpful forum in general and I hope it stays that way and doesn't become another Audio Asylum.