very little power?

Hi everyone, just installed my mcintosh mx122 and mc207 to my front projector,cable box (Fios), dvd player, cd player, etc. When I play dvds or cds the sound is strong and powerful like it should be but when I play TV I get like 1/5 th the power and sound levels. I have checked all my connections but cannot figure out why everything works but the TV portion. Any suggestions or clues to what may be going on? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Does your cable box have variable remote out?   Is it wired via analog outs or digital?  Connected to the 122 via the cable box or TV audio out?  Some boxes or TV s have a variable digital Toslink jack which could be the problem .
i wired via analog outs it does offer a digital out as well. Should i try the digital toslink out or will i get same results?
You wired the analog out from your TV box to your Mx122?  1) check to see if the cable box has some audio gain features or if it’s a fixed output box. 2) if it’s fixed output, maybe it’s just a low voltage. Try a different output (optical, even HDMI).  Also check to make sure it’s outputting in PCM stereo. Maybe the audio mode is DD5.1 and so you’re picking up only the front left and right, and missing center and sub (and backs). 
i have a mx132 unit. it's connected to my tv. i don't have any issues with the volume. read you owners manual.
I have now tried any and all connections to no end. i have spoken with verizon fios and have changed box and went directley through pass through mode as well as a pcm mode and  still no real volume. Blu ray player works fine as well as cd player and second dvd player just not cable box. Any other suggestions ? Thanks.
What is the make/model of the cable box that you are using? Have you checked, as @oddiofyl suggested, as to whether your cable box has a remote controlled volume output? Many do!
i have checked and put at max volume also went into advanced settings and tried to use pass through mode and pcm mode as well cable box is an Arris ipc 1100
Also check to see if box has DRC  dynamic range control , turn it off if so equipped.
Cable box is a pain in the Arris......unfortunately comcast dumbed everything down and disabled variable digital out .   It convenient, but they got too many complaints of no sound .   Yours may not even have it.  My TV is quite a bit lower than my tuner, DAC , even phono....   I just live with it.  

Dynamic range enabled on cable , dvd, Blu-ray will sound poor on a good system.  It is to compensate for crappy systems and sound bars.
Do you have another box like it in the house?  Worth a try if you do.
Thanks for the input, but pretty sure now I am going to have to live with it as well. I have tried everything including a different box and same results. everything is now hooked up through HDMI and I have the box set on pass through. It helps a tiny bit but not much. Guess I am going to just have to give up watching TV. LOL
I have the arris 1100vms I think t is  with Verizon,  if you press the D button which I think is the green one when the cable box is turned off and keep pressing it while you turn the set top box back on it brings you into the setup menu which has all of  the Settings you do not have access to on the normal menu. I think it is for integrators not the average joe.  Try that and see if that helps.