Very Limited Space/Wall Outlet

I have a small problem. Building my first system.  In that system is a intergrated amp, power amp (running mono mode), two sub woofers, turntable, phono pre amp, cd player, dac. 8 to plug in. But only one outlet. It's a 20 amp circuit...but has a 15amp receptacle. The only other item on that line(as far as I can tell from turning it off) is the gas stove. Right now I only have one amp and my turntable plugged in and have had 0 problems. Waiting on a couple power cords to arrive then will be putting the pieces together. So, I obviously need more outlets. What am I getting? Am I getting a power strip, power distributor, power conditioner, surge protector or combination of the bunch? I live just outside of Detroit, so power hasn't been much of a issue. I've read somewhere to not have analog and digital plugged into the same I can somehow find a way to plug the DAC into another circuit I should be good on noise. I also don't know how these work...I always assumed everything plugged into a strip gets the power it wants. I spent a lot of time researching gear (iota vx sa3 and pa3...rel t5i subs) and would hate to cause those devices to not be at their full potential and not know it. If all I need to do is STFU and get a surge protector then don't be shy...let me know. I tend to over think things. Thank you. 
As an apartment dweller I have always used some version of this:

It is true, that ideally you keep your digital stuff outside of your analog domain, so you could for instance get two. I have a more complete write up here:
First, just get a power strip with enough outlets to plug everything in. Fire it up and see if you have any problems. If not, you are done. If you do then it depends on what the problem is. 
I have a similar problem, but with different issues. My current solution is the power strip Eric shows, I use one for the digital side, tv etc. and currently use the Furman Elite 15 PFI for all my analog gear. I am swapping that out with a Decware ZLC for space issues. And the ZLC looks to be a great solution for any ground problems potentially. I will be installing a dedicated line in the spring... to cold to mess with it around here now. 
Thank you all for your advice.

Looking at some of the stuff thats out there it'd probably be cheaper to hire an electrician and give me a 2nd recepitcal and have them put on a dedicated circuit. But will try the Furman PST 8D and try and find just a normal nothing added on power strip. Anyone have any experience or know of anyone who uses Zero Surge?  I was looking at that company and if I go with get two which would equal $500... so...for that price...options open up some. 

I wish there was something online where people can  rent equipment/components.

I bought the Furman as suggested and will get 2 regular(no surge or conditioner) and see which works best. So, for that..I would put my amps and subs on one and my dac and cd player on the another. Idk why I can't get out of my head that I will cheat my amps and or subs out of power down the supply line. 
Absolutely every single choice you make is a trade off, and much of what you decide actually has to do with how you decide to listen.

Do you force yourself to listen for noise? Then you’ll chose a Furman with LiFT.

Do you listen for the slightest hint of less bass? Then you’ll go for the wall outlet.

It’s insane to me how many audiophiles live with massive deficiencies in their listening room/speakers or system because of one particular fetish they MUST not have, and whatever this nit is it drives their system into a temple of protecting itself from that nit.

And, of course, how much better their system would be with modest investment in room treatment which addresses a hundred negative things at once.
My 2 cents:
Remove the stove from the line.
Install a whole house surge protector. They're cheap.
Add an additional outlet/s for the mono amps.
Buy a used Audioquest Niagra 1200 for your sources.

I agree with Erik on the room treatment. It is a very much required investment for a system to really shine, regardless of connector thingies.
I think my problem is a lack of understanding of basic electrical knowledge. Last thing I want to do is take any power away from the subs or equipment. Im not really trying to tweak anything yet... I just wanna get everything plugged in properly and make sure all equipment is getting the power it needs without roadblocks and distributed evenly..
I ordered a few pwr cords from Cullen Cables and its going to be a couple more weeks till they get made and shipped so i have time.. I suppose anything will do. Room treatment is pretty much the only thing I see people agree on and am looking forward to diving into it.