Very inexpensive speakers for a 2nd system

I'm looking at building a secondary system in an upstairs sitting room. This would be for casual listening, entertaining, and music during dinner. I'm reasonably certain this will be built around a Jolida 1301a hybrid integrated amplifier (30wpc). Jolida recommended an 89dB minimum sensitivity for this system.

I can consider slim floor standers or bookshelf speakers. No subs per the WAF. We aren't looking to shake the room, but some reasonable bass would be nice. Looking to spend less than $400 (used or new).

I've been looking at:
Monitor Audio BR2, B4, or BR5
Epos ELS-3
PSB Alpha
Something from Paradigm

Any suggestions here?
Usher makes a nice bookshelf in the $300 range as well.
I bought my girlfriend a pair of used Spica TC-50s. A classic.
Paradigm Atoms are great, Studio 20s even better.
I just rehabbed a pair of Vintage KLH 6 speakers and they sound great.Easy to drive,sound great ( for second system ), very well made and dirt cheap..These speakers hold there own very well with other very expensive monitors I have tried under the exact same conditions...I bouhgt mine for $1 at a flee market..You won't believe what they look and sound like now...........
You have a very good list there, you should be happy with any of them -- I think preference here is personal, or even based on looks, they are all competitive with each other at the price range. You should also consider the bookshelf Nola (formely Alon)- one of the great small speakers that are relatively affordable.
Check out Wharfedale Diamond 9.1. Stereophile November 2005 review claims they're better than Paradigm Atom or Epos ELS-3.
Mission M 72. This is a very overlooked speaker.
Thanks for the responses everyone! So, it looks like it's a matter of what speakers look the best to me and can be found the cheapest.

Any other suggestions, keep em coming!
I would get some Klipsh Heresy II in a flash! Their super high efficiency gets the most out of tube amps and they'll sing like crazy.

If they fail the WAF test, then the more-conventional Mission M32i would be up next. It's an incredible little speaker.

I have yet to hear it but the Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 mentioned above also got a Hifi+ Product of the Year award last month! Seems like it's winning lots of big hearts...

How about $100 for a pair of excellent speakers? Is that cheap enough for ya? They are DIY, but appear to be very simple - The Zimahornets - check out this great review:
Dave Merrill says no more DCA4 drivers available, but does have DCA5.5M drivers with phase plugs.
Ditto the Missions
Castle went out of business recently and they are no longer made; they were $600 a pair new but should be well under that now. They probably had the best sound under $1,000.
In no particular order. Should be able to find for $300 up to $600 preowned

Sound Dynamics RTS 3
Linn Tucan (recently on audigon)
Spendor SP 3/5
Dynaudio 40, 42
Totem Arros (floor standers) suprising bass in a small room
Spica TC 50s
Mission 70, 700
Epos ELS 3

I have owned the S 3/5, ELS 3, Mission 70, RTS 3s and Totem Arros at one time or another. All great speakers. If you go with a floor stander, the Totems throw out a very large sound stage, have suprising bass, a very small footprint, easy to drive (ported), easy to place and do not need stands. FWIW
At this point, I'm leaning toward the Monitor Audio BR2. I like the front ported design, as these speakers may end up closer to the wall that I'd normally like. Anyone with negative experiences with them?
Check out the Kinima G1s for sale on Agon. When I was using them to my 40watt AA amp, they sounded great. For a sitting room or for low moderate diner music these would be hard to beat at the $400 price. When I upgraded I ended up with WB Arcs to get something better. They are rear ported so if you are putting them on a shelf you might want to plug the port. If mounted on stands, get good stands, preferbly Osiris.
Second castle richmonds...great little brit speaker..very close to SPendor type of sound...around 2-3 bills used...much better than entry paradigm or monitor IMHO...
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Usher S520 is the one to beat at $300 range. Very detail, smooth, and creates a big sound stage. They are power hungry, don't hook them up to a 30 wpc receiver as they are truly audiophile speakers that demand good upstream.
Might look into the smaller 700 series JM Lab speakers. I have a pair of JM Lab 714S speakers paired with a McIntoch receiver in our family room and they sound great - especially once I got them positioned and installed the spikes.