Very good DAC with volume control output

Hi - beside the Pass Labs D1, is there any other class-A DAC with volume control output? I don't use any analog sources so I'd like to connect the DAC directly to the amp. Thanks, Tai.
The EVS Millenium DAC II has an option that includes their EVS Ultimate Attenuators ( They have supposedly started shipping them recently, but I don't know if that's true. They've been delaying the ship date since last September.
Another wonderful choice is the Camelot Uther. It has a superb integral analog volume control. According to Mel Schilling, president of Camelot, the 24 bit/192kHz upsampling upgrade should be available in a month or so. The Camelot is already a wonderful DAC; it will be interesting to see what the upgrade can do.
Wadia 27ix is one of the best. Class A+ in Stereophile.
Birdland too. But I have not heard it.
Levinson #39, while it's both a DAC and player, it has a very good volume control that is purely in the analog domain.
You might want to consider the dCS Delius or Elgar. Cheers - Dan
Buy the Metronome C20 and the DACT volume pots. Performance of this combo is comparable to DAC's and Preamp's costing tens of thousands of dollars! Tube sound with the slam and unlimited frequency extension of solid-states.
Wavelength Cosine, one of the very best. Find a local dealer and listen for yourself.