Very good Balanced XLR cable, suggestions?

Allow me to explain what I am doing.... I am by passing my pre-amp and going direct from CD player to amp. The amp has only Balanced XLR inputs, the CD/SACD player has single ended RCA outputs only...currently. I am having the CD player modified/upgraded and having a true balanced circuit retro-fitted, among other upgrades. Now it was suggested to me to go via XLR balanced cable into the amp with the shortest run of cable possible(1meter if possible, which it is) I am using silver speaker cables and am very happy with them, so I don't know if I need silver interconnects or copper??? any suggestions?? I am thinking NBS, MIT, Kimber select, Pure Note or what ever else I can find for a good price used. But nothing is set in stone as of this point. Thanks for any help,
Tim The Tire Guy
Tim I tried a bunch of diffrent interconnects and was the happiest with Acoustic Zen Silver Reference XLR. It is not a laid back or romatic sounding cable, it is very true to the source. To my ear it just passes more information through than any other cable I have tried.
Nordost Quattro Fil XLR will make the Acoustic Zen innerconnect sound colored. The Quattro Fil is the best IC I have ever heard.


Hi, Tim

I am also in favour of Acoustic Zen Silver Reference. It is a silver interconnect giving all the strength of high speed, clear and crispy treble/super treble. Balanced and rich in the mid-tone and adequate and controlled bass. It is really good money for value!

MIT Oracle is also a pair of hi-end interconnect which you cannot find a single pair (so far) of interconnect which outperforms it in all respect.
to many very good one ,not the best(because the best depends on your system).here is few ones.
my actuelle 2 favorites is kharma enigma (very expensive)and synergistics designer ref. squared.
siltech sig.5,purist audio dominus,xlo LE.,mit oracle,harmonix magic,
try to macth the interconnect with your speaker cable,
call the cable company ,they will help you.
I think silver is the way to go, since it is a better conductor than copper. My experience with various silver cables has lead me to the small brand Argento which uses much more silver than other brands. They also use solid silver plugs both for interconnecters and speakerscables.
The sound of these cable are simply fantastic.
Please don't make a decision without having heared what this brand can do. I use the VDM models which are in another class the anything else. It is just that simple.
Sorry if I get a little carried away but it is the best investment I have ever made.

I'm ready to purchase a new amp. My dealer wants me to buy balanced XLR (no problem) cables by Wireworld. Anyone have any opinion on Wireworld, I've never used them and don't know anyone who does.
Check out the Goertz Alpha - Core line.
AZ Silver Ref was bright but sweet in my system however, it gives up some bass. XLO Ref. or the now discontinued XLO Signature are very neutral/balanced cables. I have compared them to the Zen's, the Nordost SPM and Quatro's, the AQ's, MIT's, Kimbers, etc. The do nothing wrong, add nothing, subtract nothing, very honest, fast cables.
I use Synergistic Designers Reference with 'mini' active shielding. Would strongly recommend.
Supposedly, Nordost Valhalla's are the best thing going for IC's (but you may have to secure a personal loan to pay for these puppies!) I'm using Quattro-fils and am quite happy with the liquidity of the mid-range (in my opinion the mid-range is where the music REALLY happens!) Also, there is some debate as to whether it is best to run a source device directly into the amp (see the older forums for a discussion.) For the best info, contact your amp manufacturer and ask for an opinion as to whether to go directly into your amp.
I like the Pure Note Epsilon silver XLR's in my system. They are very well made and have the speed of silver without edge. Best I have tried and that includes Valhallas and FIMs.
If you would email me and tell me what your whole system consist of I would be glad to give you suggestions since most of the cables recommended I carry. Also I have several of them used with the xlr configuration that you need.
I just substituted Discovery Essence (copper) XLR for Harm Tech Pro-Silway MkII (silver/copper) and am shocked by the improvement in midrange body and musicality. The Silways sound too laid back and lean, by comparison. The Essence is full-bodied yet NOT warm or lacking in extension or detail.
I was expecting them to sound opposite, given the metallurgy....
Thanks everyone! Starting to narrow down the field a little bit and adding some new choices.
true balanced circuit retrofitted? really? that is a non-trivial thing and I would be impressed if it can be done. I tend to doubt it, at least not without unreasonable expense. It would entail everything from the digital bitstream outward including the entire DAC I'd think.. Balanced outputs, sure, but not a true differential circuit... even much stuff which has balanced in/out jacks is not really balanced. Best of luck and let us know how it turns out and what model/mod/whos doing the work.
A cable that was sold some years back, Lindsey-Geyer, was taken off the market because they were somewhat fragile. I have find them to be fantastic! They are neither silver or copper but mu-metal.
I just actively bi-amped my system so I needed more cables. I found that finding raw cable is not that hard, as a requirement of being a dealer was to buy bulk cable. But they are VERY hard to terminate. The Cable Co. ( does a great job. Call or e-mail them and they will custom make them at a reasonable price.