very cool finds,,,at animal shelter thrift shoppe.

3 titles From Command Classics, recorded onm 35mm magnetic film, with great thick, gatefolded covers with nice pictures on the front,,,all are from 1963/4..1st is Virgil Fox Plays The Philarmonic Hall Organ at Lincoln Center For The Performing Arts: Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor by JS Bach, Dieu Parmi Nous from La Nativite Du signeur by Lovier Messaien and The Grand Piece Symphonique by Cesar Franck.
2nd Title is Virgil Fox plays The John Wanamaker Organ-Philadelphia,,a poupurri of composers..
3rd title is William Steinberg and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra..another poupurri of authors...

4th title: from Capitol (FDS (Full dimensional sound),,Tchaikovsky Concerto#1 in B flat,,Leonard Pennario (piano), Eric Leinsdorf conducting the Los Angeles Phil. Orch.,,another great gatefold cover..
5th title: from Capitol FDS..Beethoven's Eroica,,,william steinberg conducting the Pittsburgh Symph Orch.
Title#6: Vox label..Mendelssohn's A Midsummer Night's Dream..Clemes Krauss conducting the Vienna Symph.Orch.

Title#7: RCA Living Stereo(LSC2542),,,5S/1S stamping of Moonlight Sonata,,Morton Gould and his Orchestra...
Title#8: RCA Livingh Stereo (LSC-2340),,3S/3S stamping of Gershwin's Porgy and Bess..

Now, the most interesting finds, was a complete set of 5 RCA Living Stereo that come in very thick covers with cutout silohuette's so that the color in the inner jacket completes the cover art,,,they are black label..all 1S/2S..the set is: LSA-2396 Dynamic Dimensions (Henri Rene and his Orchestra), LSA-2414 Paradise Regained (Exotic Music of the Pacific), LSA-2422 Excitement, Incorporated, LSA-2432 More Double Exposure, and LSA-2425 Action Stereo,,

And: an Atlantic Records Full Dynamics-Frequency Spectrum LP (Atlantic 1407) from 1963's Herbie Mann Returns To The Village Gate...the label is redish on top half, and purple on the bottom half, separated by a white section that says Atlantic and the side...
Glad to see you're having so much fun with this stuff. Which gives me a slight pang of conscience to tell you that once you've been at it for a while, you'll start to realize that a lot of the records you've been posting about are the sorts of titles you'll see often and everywhere. I don't say that to dampen your enjoyment, but just to advise you to hold out for copies in exceptional condition if these are what interests you. And I'm not exempting myself - I have copies of every Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass LP, and I reckon habitual thrifters see more of those than just about any other single artist (actually, a debate about what non-collectable artists clog the second-hand bins the most would be a great topic for another thread - let's've got your Mitch Miller, Eddie Duchin, Mantovani, Hugo Winterhalter, Ray Coniff, a whole slew of broadway musicals...). Oh yeah, I also have several of those RCA Stereo Action titles, just for their way-cool pull-out covers. Keep working, it's inevitable that one day soon you'll stumble across some real rare finds... :-)
It's too late at night for me to locate the LSC-2340 in my collection, but if your Living Stereo has the Robert Russell Bennett arrangements of Porgy and Bess Orchestral Suite on side one, and West Side Story Orchestral Suite on side two, then you are in for a real treat. One of the best sounding recordings, and yet not given enough credit as the sonic spectacular that it is. If your copy is in great condition, then it may be the special find that rewards you for your search time that day at the thrift shoppe (haven't seen that spelling since the 1950's when the record was produced.)
Yeah,,,I know,,,some titles I find often, some I dont...I know everything tends to calm down after

The Porgy and Bess does have the West Side Story on side B...