very best monoblock to use with centre speaker

i want to try this insteadin addition to my setup above i want to add a very good monoblock to the centre speaker to enhance it greatlyi will be using my marantz as main amp then i will use the music fidelity m3i and crown 102for the high and low frequncies then to the marantzto my dali speakerswill connect my blue node2 to the amplifier
my question is i have enhanced my two front speakers but i want to enhance my centre speakers aswell the dali zenor vokal centrewhat do you recommend as a monoblock for the centresame as youve gotor something else you would recommendi am using dali instead of the kefs you use to take into considerationalso i want to enhance the audio quality of the sony ux800 4k playerby using a arcam ir dac to enhance the 2 channel music of the sony ux800can all this all be wired up to the marantz amp