Very Best Cd Changer to drive outboard DAC?

I have the high-end sound with a single disc player...but some evenings, I just want to be able to put on a 4 or 5 discs and not have to get up to change the music. So, the question is, what is the best cd changer that I can use to feed a very good outboard that my being lazy does not give up good sound?

Thanks for your thoughts.
It is not the very best changer per se, but the Aiwa XC-35M or XC-37M makes a very good transport. One of those accidents that just happens. No longer made, but available a lot on eBay for $50 to $75. You can spend a lot more money, but not sure you'll get better performance.

Works best with DAC's with Delta/Sigma converters.
I've used the new Rotel RCC-1055 as a transport fed into my Resolution Audio Opus 21 DAC. The Rotel is well built, looks good, and has a detachable power cord. It's almost impossible to discern the difference in sound playing discs on the Rotel vs. the Opus -- it's that good!
I 2nd the Nakamichi MB1000
I think Proceed made an audiophile "super" changer transport years ago. It was based on a commercial CD juke box mechanism, so it should be rugged and hold a lot of CD's. Very expensive, and I would think very rare.
You should also ask about a DVD changer. Would work also and double as a multi DVD player when needed.
California Audio Labs CL-5 CD changer.Check todays listing theres one for sale at 195.00.
I'm not sure if the CL-5 has digital out. The CL-10 does and it worked very well for me w/a DAC.
Nakamichi MB1000 was made in the early 90's its pretty unique it is all metal construction holds 6 disks I believe the door mechanism seals with a vacuum also has AT&T glass optical output was their statement type transport
Anthem 1. 6 CD charger. Available only used. It used to be a hot item.