Very best 5 ch amp to feed a complete PSB system

Just wondering if there are any people who have been down this road. Im going to buy a complete PSB set of HT speakers, either Platinum T8 based or synchrony 0ne based ( another quandry I have, comments welcome) Im using a classe ss600 proc and want to buy the very best 5 ch amp to match the speakers. Suggestions so far are Bat and Theta. All help welcomed
Also look at Ayre and McIntosh as options.
I have a Mac 7106 and bridged the center channel-simply amazing! Anthem is my second choice. Sherbourne third, it's just too big and heavy.
You can go Classe CA5100 to match, I have a MAC and love the smoothness of it, Theta is nice and so is the Parasound A51. There are lots of options! I doubt you will get a consensus on "what is the best amp". Buying used on the gon allows you to try untill you like something without huge $$ losses.
Thanks, would not have considered mac as we dont see it much in Europe. ill have a look at the reviews.Thanks all.
By the way, keep shipping costs in mind. Most of these amps weigh 75-125 pounds!
have you looked at marantz. I am using the sr9300 with very good results (7.1 vs 5 channel) but they have a full array of separates.
The Cary Cinema 5 is excellent, and a relatively good value also.
I have the Parasound A-51; with 5 channels of 225 watts/per; and it sounds great and warm; and detailed...and its priced well.
PSB and NAD are considered a perfect match from reviewers as well as the manufacturers mating these in systems. I'd seriously look at NADs Master Series.
Thanks again, Nad would be easier for me to obtain, I will hunt for reviews. I have a Nad 370 and it was excellent.
I have a Parasound HCA 2205AT with an Onkyo Pro SC-885 pre processor and at 220rms x 5 channels with .05 distortion at 8ohm's it really fills my 18 x 23 foot room. Built like a tank at 85LBS. Very detailed, great bass & midrange with alot of authority. At around $1000.00US on the used market for what the Halo series offers- 250 x 5, XLR's, more refined, save yourself $1500-2500 and get a HCA 2205AT. You won't be unhappy!!!!!!

Regards Bacardi
You might want to try a Bryston 5 channel 9STT. It sounds very good and has a 20 year warrenty. If you loose a channel all you do is remove the amp mod that's a problem and send it back, you still have 4 amps so you can still enjoy your system while you wait for the other to return.
I used 1 when I had 2 seperate systems, 1 for 2 channel music and 1 for movies.
I would have to agree with the NAD M25 as well. It is a great amp and a very good value. t
Disclaimer: (PSB Dealer here). We use three amps the majority of the time with the PSB Synchrony One system (Parasound, Bryston, NAD). Currently, with our Synchrony theater room I have the Parasound Halo A51 driving them. IMHO, this is an outstanding sounding combo. The other amps mentioned also do a fantastic job. Nothing beats a Bryston amp in the long run. I would seriously look there as well.
I tried using an Ice amp with these and I was not really impressed with it. I suppose it may have been the fault of my Onkyo SR-806 being used as a pre-pro, but it just did not sound all that great. I have since relinquished the amp and I am just using the receiver to power the Synchrony One towers and CC. To me, it sounds better...

I am still looking for that ultimate amp for them. Still trying to figure out what has more of an impact on them: the amp or the processor... hmmm...
You might try an old cal audio MCA 2500. They are slightly older, but can be had for a song here on Agon. They are big and heavy, and run hot, but you get some serious bang for the buck out of this beast.
Buy Krell FPB amps, i have FPB600 drive PSB T8,
you will never regrets,