Verve Mini LP Reisues

I've been buying these when I can find them. They're limited editions and are 24bit/96khz transfers from the original analogue tape. My favorites are the Anita O'Day "Incomparable" and Lalo Shifrin "Piano and Bosa Nova" and Cal Tjader "Soulbird Whifinpuf" and Hugh Masekela "Grrr". Oh and the Blossom Dearie "My Gentleman Friend" is excellent, too. Anyway . . . to my question:
Most of these are in true mini Lp form, with a little dust jacket for the CD and a plastic LP cover over the "album". Although some will find the mini LP cumbersome, I love this packaging. The problem is, I'm having more and more trouble finding them in this kind of packaging. Instead, they're in a paper jewel case thing. I just ordered six of them from Amazon, and all but one (Wes Montgomery "Willow Weep for Me") were in the paper jewel case. Does anybody know where I can get them in the original mini LP package?


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Check They are located in CA and have excellent customer service. They sell lps and Japanese mini-lp as well as Japanese cds in jewel cases. Their website is user friendly so you will know in a matter of minutes if they ahve what you are looking for.