Vertical vs Horizontal Bi-amp

I've just switched from horizontal to a vaertical bi-amp configuration. Right away it seems to have GREATLY improved the image focus. Anyone else have experience toying with these various setups?
In the vertical passive bi-amp configuration you have the same signal going through both amplifier channels, while in the horizontal configuration the signal is different to some degree. Therefore inter-channel crosstalk and other inter-channel effects that may occur through the power supply and grounds of each amplifier will be greater in the horizontal configuration than in the vertical configuration. See the comments by Steve McCormack (Stevemcx) in this thread:

The degree to which these effects occur will be amplifier dependent, of course.

-- Al
I think another benefit, if you're using identical amps, may come from the fact in horizontal biamp the bass amp will need to drive more current than amps running in vertical biamp. The work required of the power supply is balanced - again amplifier dependent as well as speaker dependent.
Bd-nice thoughts!