Vertical bi amping Mcintosh MC275 and Rotel RB-1582 MkII

Hi all,
I've been researching the title project but not getting any productive results.  Basically I'd like to know if the volume matches between these 2 amps.  The problem is both amps are not identical and don't have bias control so one maybe louder than another.  I don't want to add a crossover or volume control in between. 

The MC275 (v5) will be driving the high and RB-1582 MkII will be driving the low of the speaker, which is B&W 803D  My goal is to add more punchy mid low as MC275 is somewhat too gentle to some music.

Hope someone has done this and can share the thoughts with me.  Thank you.


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28 dB of gain on the low frequency or mid-high amp?Is there a simple dial to control gain?