Vertical Bi-Amp Wiring

There are two methods of wiring:
1) Split Y-connector of some sort at the pre-amp and two interconnects run to each amplifier or
2) One interconnect run to each amplifier with the split connector at the amp end.

Which way do you use? Has anyone compared one versus the other? Obivous $$ to save with method 2.

Thanks for your comments...
Rap, I'm using your second configuration from a Gryphon Electra to 2 pairs of Gryphon Ref. monos. The wire is XLO Sig. balanced. Tried first with a Y connector at the preamp end and two runs of XLO. Could not discern any difference either way sonically (Speakers were Quads) and so of course chose the cheaper version. Cheers,
I think option one would be better. You can use something like this:

It is better than a regular y splitter cable.
Cvoeb, I beg to differ, I don't think the Y-dapter you suggest will improve upon things. The Quads are immensely revealing, and I tried it with all sorts of music, with no difference between the two versions.So why run a double strand of interconnects, when one strand will do ? Besides, Robert Stein of the Cable Company, who is highly knowledgeable in all questions of wiring, was of the same opinion as I am ....and mind you, he could have made more money in selling me two pairs of interconnects instead of one only. I also miss the reason in your post, why you suggest that version one would be the better one. Perhaps you could give more "corroberative evidence"?