Vertical Bi-amp using 2 power amps v mono blocks

I am currently using ARC LS15 preamp, into pair of Audiolab 8000P SS(100w/ch), in a vertical bi-amp configuration.
I am looking at possible upgrades to this. Classe CA100 x2, ARC D200/D130 x2, or maybe use a pair of mono blocks and single wire with jumpers.
Suggestions for either bi-amp or mono block amps that I should be considering. I want to run SS for amps, not tube, although I have toyed with the idea of something like the ARC VT100 mkI, or mkII. This needs to be a worthwhle upgrade to the Audiolabs, and has a budget of $1500-$2000. Will be looking at used equipment
Hi Mike,

I have excellent results with four Monarchy Audio SM70's (class-A, bridged as monoblocks).
Every amp is driving one unit of my two-way speakers (Sonus Faber Guarneri).

Best regards,
Peter B
What speakers are you using?
Speakers are Monitor Audio Studio 12. Small floor standers. REL Q100e (pair) for bottom end.
Monitor speakers really don't create huge demands on power amplifiers. The imedance can go down to 2 ohms, but it's not the difficult loads that hybrid speakers (ESL with dynamic bass) can produce. Also, the monitors are designed for bi-wire and not really for bi-amp application. Not that you can't do bi-amp with matching amps, it's just that it still goes through the high pass and low pass filters on the power side of the amplifiers. Also, you have the REL filling in that last octave or so. I would probably recommend a really great tube amp (ARC is probably a good choice as you are using their pre-amp and there is sysnergy with the two). I would also recommend bi-wire. Bi-wiring is often over rated and frequently give poorer results than spending the same amount on a good single wire with jumpers. In this case I have heard other Monitor Studio's (not the 12--they were larger models) and bi-wiring did offer an improvement.