Vertical Audio Rack for Tube Equipment?

Hello All:

I need to buy a vertical audio rack for my tube equipment. The problem is most audio racks don't have enough clearance between shelves to accommodate my equipment plus some air space.

I can't use floor stands because I have cats.

I am looking for an audio rack with 5 or 6 shelves with 12 inches BETWEEN shelves.

Does anyone have any recommendations?


You could have something made from say maple to your specifications by someone local. I own Audio Research tube gear and use a Zoethecus stand. The distance between the shelves is maybe 9 inches or so. Only the amp puts out a lot of heat and that sits on an amp stand between the speakers. The line level tube gear does not put out that much heat. As long is there is a couple of inches of space above and the sides are open there should not be a problem. I also have cats but we have french doors and they are not allowed in the front room.
Hi Carolyn,
I use a a 6 shelf vertical rack made by BDI, model Icon 9422. Four of the glass shelves are two position adjustable, but the largest clearance attainable is 10-3/4 inches, and you will not be able to get that on all, only two I think. The others will have to be 7-3/4". I'm running a tube amp and pre-amp and although I had initial concerns about heat building up, I think the situation is tolerable. That may change as I just bought a pair of Rogue monoblocks and will need to configure it so there is one more deeper shelf. If I can't make it work I might have to go to another solution and I will put mine rack up for sale. I'm not sure you'll be able to find a one-piece 5-6 shelf stock unit with 12 inch clearance between each shelf. Perhaps there are some modular designs that allow you to stack. Do you really need twelve inch clearance for every component of your system? That's a lot of space for some pieces. I can send you a picture of my setup if it will be of any help. Good luck.
Check out the racks made by Volkmar Drubbisch @ There are some used ones on here sold by Dave Hartman.
Check out the racks made by Volkmar Drubbisch @ There are some used ones on here sold by Dave Hartman.
The Salamander racks are adjustable and cheap. If you want something more exotic, Quadraspire racks offer 6,8,10 and 12" rods to place between the shelves, so you can customize them at will.
Take a look at the Sanus Euro rack. It is a modular rack so you can buy the base + shelves as a package or individually as needed. The four posts between each shelf are available in sizes of 5", 8", and 12".
Google the word “standoffs” and you’ll find supports that’ll enable you to easily make your own rack to your desired specifications.
Mapleshade racks are infinitely adjustable and overall height can be customer specified.
Timbernation will build you exactly what you want out of the finest of eastern maple, which some consider to be the best wood to use. It's not cheap but you do get what you pay for.

Although he prefers 2-3 inch shelves and massive columns for stability and isolation, I had one made with 1" shelves and it' stout enough for me: it's not going anywhere.

Again, what I paid for it years ago can never be had again but it may be just what you're looking for.

All the best,