Versa Dynamics TT Repair??

I have a Versa Dynamics Model 1.0 TT and I was wondering if anyone knows if John Bicht, the designer, has ever set up a repair facility. Does anyone know where I might reach Mr Bicht. Thanks Lance Lubach
Lance - I am an owner of a 1.2/1.3 and have had some contact with John and his wife about every two or three years. The last time I spoke with them in October, 1997, they were in Loveland, Colorado. The address is provided below. I will try to get a telephone number from my house, but I don't know if I have it at this point There is no "repair facility." And despite Bicht's promises during the early 1990's, parts and service have not been easily available. At last contact it was akin to pulling teeth. Belts were available, along with a few other semi-perishable items (greases, label dampers, mats, etc. - I purchased the last three mats). A few other mechanical items were "in storage" but a few repeated requests were not followed up by his wife. The big problem I had was that his prices were extremely high. For example: one mat was $120.00, I believe, and the belts were not far behind. I understand the production costs, but that is getting close to extortion ... A few days ago, in fact, I was giving some thought to trying to track them down and just buying out the entire inventory. I would also be very interested in getting specifications for the belts, the grease, and other unique items with a relatively short lifetime. If you would also be interested, please let me know and I will investigate the possibility of puting something together to buy him out. Hope this is some help. It is my intention to keep my 1.2 running for at least as long as I am able to enjoy it. As that will hopefully be another 40 - 50 years, I have a serious interest in the product. Please feel free to contact me in any way. Best regards, Hunter L. Martin, III Houston, TX 713 802-9889 (office) 713 728-9180 (hm) 281 546-1501 (mbl) Mr. John Bicht Versalab 465 Okeepa Loveland, CO 80537
Lance - I have found Bicht and had a lengthy conversation with him. You may telephone me for details. - Hunter