Verity Sarastro?

I've heard that the new SARASTRO is a major improvement over PARSIFAL ENCORE......dynamics, detail, efficiency....

Yet, I've also heard that it's ribbon tweeter may not integrate as well as it should and can be fatiguing over extentded listening.

Would anyone care to comment?

Than you in advance.
Heard it at the Montreal show. Just another way of Verity jacking up the prices IMHO. "The world is alive with the sound of ribbons".
Huh? 88dB/w, ultra-fast, and NEVER fatiguing...I think I'll keep my Encores.
I have the Encores and they are supremely musical. You can listen to music all day long and not 'hear' the components.
I have had three major ribbon/diaphram speakers and the time differences between the two designs is simply unacceptably difficult to integrate. I just don't see why Verity went to this design. Fire and ice does not mix well. If they want the benefits of ribbons, let them build a ribbon speaker like the wonderful Apogee Divas. The ribbon is strident and immediate but very tiring to listen to. You can take this first hand report to the bank.
Pbb, your comment ''Just another way of Verity jacking up the prices IMHO'' is just not compatible with Bruno and Julian of Verity Audio. I have spent hours discussing with these fine folks, and beleive me, sorry to say, you are in left field with such comments. Any one who ever had an extended listening session (not in a show set-up, of course)Will attest to the wonderfull music this new speaker makes. I am a past owner of Parsifals, and Verity always offer substantial value for the money. But of course, it's a matter of sonic preference, as we all ''listen'' differently, right? Let's analyze less and enjoy the music more!
Cheers all.