Verity Parsifals vs 1st series Talon KhorusX

If I ever make a move to solidstate
(I'm thinking maybe Passlab),has anyone heard
or own this combination?
Two completely different animals. What type of music do you mostly listen to?
God those are both great speakers, I have a local friend with the parisfals being powered by Tenors with Jena labs cableing and a capitole II I have another friend with the Talon KhorusX with tenors, jena labs and a capitole II(they have different analog front ends how ever). Like JC audio says they are very different creatures and either would work well with either of your current amp(s). Knowing what your looking for from sound I think the Parsifal encore may be the right speaker for you- less authoritive in the lower octaves and some people feel they are slow/overly romantic in the bass department again I think that would come down to personal preference. The khorusX is no slouch though it does everything very well and is magical with OTL's. With your associated equipment and musical tastes I would have to give my nod to the parsifal- which would also be my choice between the two. Don't get pissed at me Bill you know I am an idiot! I just find the parsifal more my palate, and after all isn't that what this hobby is all about finding out what gives you personal joy(very selfish and I love it!). ~Tim
So far some very good advice has been given.

I have to ask what you mean by 1st series Khorus X's? If you are talking about the Khorus with or without the X crossover, I would highly recommend against them. The Khorus X is a very different speaker, in both sonics and construction. The Khorus X is far superior to any version of the Khorus.

As far as the Parsifal, it is a beautiful sounding speaker with great body and character. It is not the last word in dynamics or bass extension, but not weak in those areas and it conveys the emotional aspect of the music quite well.

Both are great choices and, as Tim has stated, are two totally different approaches.
Jtinn- have you ever heard the original Khorus 2-way w/Focal
drivers? Until you do please don't make statements like-"The Khorus X is far superior to any version of the Khorus."

Kana813: Yes I have. I absolutely hold to my statement.
Jtinn- Mahalo for your comments. I still feel the original pre-Talon Khorus to be a great speaker.

I recently updated some parts in mine and added a powered sub, coming in at 50 hz. Performance is so good, that I
can't justify an upgrade to the $16K X or $7K Raven.

Jtinn- One more thought, after looking at your system- While I respect your opinion, I doubt that anyone without an analog input can properly evaluate the merits of a music reproduction system.

Tube amps/output stages and fancy hi end cables can't make up for lost information.


Kana813- Your too funny! I am sure you enjoy your speakers as much as I do mine, but why would you make a statement like that? Do you know Jtinn well enough to draw any conclusions about his system(which to the best of my knowledge has changed several times since it was posted- in fact if my memory is working properly-doubtful- the only thing still being used is a few of the cables) the fact he preffered the newer Khorus X over your Khorus is his opinion. And to the best of my knowledge Jtinn has a VERY nice analog front end. Further more have you heard the Capitole? if not a statement like the one you made has NO merit. I know I am not the only one who uses it as there only source with NO regrets. Simply because you can't justify the price increase to the X it seems foolish to try and believe that the benefits are nonexisting- often in audio the last little bit of perfection costs much more then any other improvement- law of diminishing returns. Cheers ~Tim
Kana813: I never bad mouthed the Khorus, I just stated that the Khorus X is far superior to the Khorus.

Also, my analog setup consists of the following:

SME Model 30
SME IV.Vi Tonearm
VDH Colibri
Manley Steelhead & LAMM LP2 Deluxe Phono stages

Please do not underestimate the Audio Aero Capitole CD Player. It will surprise any analog lover.

No more stinkeye, OK. :)
Tireguy- I'm glad you find me funny.

No, I don't know Jtinn. Are you one of Jtinn's customers or just an idiot as you've posted above.

My comment was based on Jtinn's posted system
which didn't show an analog input until today. Since it's now obvious he has an excellent TT system, I stand corrected.

No I've never heard the Capitole, I don't listen to CDs.
I'm glad you enjoy yours.

Jtinn- Glad to see you still listen to LPs. Live long and
sell lots of $9k CD players to idiots like Tim.

I've been in love with my Parsifal Encores for a year and a half now.
Earlier comments re "slow" or "insufficient" bass are puzzling. Then I remember the chat I had with the designer Julien Pelchat:
The Encore uses an INCREDIBLY fast 8" custom Dynaudio driver that, at 4 ohms, gobbles current in a hurry. I tried to power these with 80w/ch/4 (Audio Refinement Complete), and just didn't get enough bottom punch.
I then broke the bank with Aleph 2 monos (through an Aleph P), and the heavens opened up! The Aleph 2s are good for about 160-200w/ch/4, and that, IN COMBINATION WITH FRONT-FIRING WOOFER configuration, floats my boat every day!
Extension is flat in-room to 30Hz easily, and, as Julien said, the quickness of this woofer is extraordinary! (Veruty's problem with the original Parsifal was that the 8ohm woofer was slower than the ultraquick 5" mid, so that overhang and muddiness became issues. Perhaps some folks misinterpret fast, clean, bass with LACK of output?)
Do note that if your room requires pulling the Parsifals out from the front wall more than a few feet you WILL need to spin around the bass modules to try front-firing. Verity suggested that they see this need 20% of the time. Methinks the % might be higher, especially for those who like/need to set up nearfield triangles in larger rooms. The resultant stage depth is very rewarding, AND as the three drivers cohere SO easily, you don';t feel the need to "sit back" as with many high end three-ways (Nautilus, Aeriel, etc.).
Just my eleven cents.
Kana- again I am laughing and you hit the nail on the head- though everyone else here already knew that I was an idiot ;) ~tim
Kana813: Tim is a GREAT guy and both of you have something in common... audio. Let's play nice. :)

What upgrades did you do to the Khorus'? How did it improve? I am a very big fan of Talon and think there are few speakers in their price range that achieve the speed and dynamics as well. What are you driving them with?
Jtinn- I'm sure Tim is a great guy. I'd rather not post details of the mods, since other Khorus owners without tech skill maybe tempted to try them and damage their speakers. The mods eliminate the upper mid-range edge and added to the overall sense of speed.

I'm driving my speakers with some custom built tube equipment. Amps put out 60 wpc, which is plenty
for the Khorus.