Verity Parsifals

I have a pair of parsifals that, for reasons to painful to recount, I am forced to situate in the worst possible fashion in our listening room. The speakers will be surrounded by cabinetry! The room is 10x12 feet, with an 8 foot ceiling. While I hope not to have to live with this for more than a year or so, I am trying to figure out how to make the best of a bad situation. Is this just beyond repair or is there something I can do? How about lining the portion of the cabinetry to abutts the speakers with some sort of dampening material?
Can't help until you say what happened...:^)
Contact Julien Pelchet at Verity:

Parsifals need - perhaps require - some distance between speaker and back wall to control LF, although Julien will hopefully have some suggestions for you.
I agree with Islandear, contact Verity. They helped me with the placement of my Fidelio speakers on a Friday afternoon (i.e., who could ask for any better service).

Good luck.
Sorry Man

It is beyond repair. Just grin and bear it until you can get a bigger room. I'm in the same situation with my Dyns. Not enough room to breathe. It sucks, but it's life.
here are some suggestions from a parsifal owner with a less severe but similar problem,too much furniture in living room.
first place speakers (and listening couch)on a diagonal.15 to 30 degrees will help.
try then the woofer in front firing configuration
damp the wall that closes in on one of the speakers at point of first reflection.
play with toe in
good luck